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Someone who goes to school to study finance and business administration will inevitably go on to start a business and make millions right? Well, after graduating from Arizona State University that’s not quite what we went on to do. Instead, he found success by identifying market trends, investing in people and ideas, as well as perusing a life of looking out for the well being of humankind. Not you’re typical educated businessman, eight? My thoughts exactly but the work that he has carried out and the ideas be has shared go far beyond even my wildest dreams.

You see, about five years ago, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to an organization that’s busy researching ways to fighting aging. When I first heard of this and looked into SENS, at first, it sounded a little crazy. How could we fight aging, wasn’t it built into our DNA? Isn’t death the one thing that gives life meaning, why would we want to fight it?

What I uncovered was, perhaps the goal should be to live longer and healthier lives. Too often we see someone‚Äôs life cut short because of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, or even heart disease. Without a fighting chance. For obvious reason, no cure exists for these diseases. Once diagnosed, it’s like your doctor has pre-signed your death certificate, and your expiration is official.

Yet, what if all of that could be a thing of the past?

As a unique case, Jason Hope is hoping for a future where life is no longer limited by diseases that cut it short. Instead, for new treatments engineered by SENS to eliminate them from our bodies and promote healthy unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

Rejuvenation Biotechnology is a new industry that is seeming to treat these diseases where before we were relegated to making life comfortable with pills and serums that made things worse. The clock remained ticking, as well prepared to meet our making.

Noticing this up and coming trend, Jason Hope has set out to change humanities fate without being the head of some bug company looking to turn a profit. Sooner rather than later we will live in a world where living to 100 will be more common, or perhaps even 200 or 300 years. Imagine how much we could witness in our lifetimes, how much we could contribute to society. Life would be akin to a science fiction graphic novel.

About Jason Hope: ideamensch.com/jason-hope/