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Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, believes that every individual should make their own dreams become a reality. While she has spent her life pursuing her dreams and experiencing a great deal of success, she points out the fact that every individual has whatever it takes to find their own dreams and see them through. She also wants everyone to understand that each person has their own path, something they are passionate about that makes them feel more alive inside. She spends almost as much time serving as something of a messenger to help people understand and then pursue whatever it is that makes them happy as she does selling cosmetics. In that particular sense, she has become a person that many people look up to, even those who aren’t necessarily interested in fashion and cosmetics. This is because she has an innate understanding when it comes to things like encouraging people to follow their own dreams and refuse to give up until those dreams come to fruition.

In order to understand how Doe Deere is so capable of understanding these types of complex thoughts at such a young age, it is imperative to gain a better understanding of her history. Growing up in Russia until she was 17 years old, Deere moved to New York City with the dream of becoming a professional musician. This might be a dream that a fairly large number of people have, but there is an especially small group of individuals that actually make it a reality and Deere was one of those individuals. She started playing in a band, got married and eventually moved to Los Angeles. While pursuing her dream of becoming a musician, she started making cosmetics because she couldn’t find the colors that she wanted over the counter. Sooner or later, people started asking where she was getting those cosmetics and when she told him that she made them herself, she had a ready-made company with a profit margin that was already built in, as many people were already demonstrating a great deal of interest in buying these products before they were even available for sale.

She points out that she never gave up on a dream. In the pursuit of one dream, she actually found one that was even more important to her and fulfilled her in every way possible. Through interviews, she has expressed the understanding that each person has something special inside of them that makes them unique. Most people find out what that something is when they stumble upon something, either intentionally or otherwise, that makes them feel a great deal of passion and pride for what they do. She encourages people to hang onto it when they do find that special something and to pursue it with everything they have inside of them. She readily speaks about the happiness that most people feel when they are involved in something that makes them feel like life is truly worth living each and every day. In that way, she serves as a role model for every person that has something to achieve and she is living proof that it can be done.

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Many like to follow fashion trends and rules but at times, those rules tie ladies to things they would not want to, at times make them leave garments they would love to see themselves on. Fashion rules over time have taken away women’s happiness and the ability to decide what to do to avoid breaking them. However Doe Deere, a famous fashion icon, advises that rules are there to be broken. That fashion is about whatever makes a person happy. Those clothes are there to be enjoyed not to be saved for special occasions because at times those special occasions take too long to happen. It is wise not to save clothes for special occasions while one can enjoy it at a regular time. Like that one outfit, a person looks good on they should wear it when they are dying to.

Fashion rules give distinct clothes for even people’s age something that doe does not agree on it, one can wear garments at any age what matters is not the color nor the pattern but our preference and conscience. Bright colors too look great with mixed patterns and what distinguishes is not the fashion rule but what garment one is free in and dying to wear. Doe’s success cannot be ignored because it is breaking of fashion rules that brought her into founding her own cosmetics company known as Lime Crime Cosmetics. Since she was 10 years old, she loved to mix different makeups, and she found from it the great business. Doe has inspired young women from being kept in the closet by rules to standing for themselves and running businesses.

Does favorite color is lime green, which is the name for her store which she founded through Amazon before it became a company in 2008. Lime crime is a company that deals with intensely pigmented, colorful, bold and animal friend cosmetics. Doe goes with the fact that beauty is not about being natural or best looks, but it is what one feels right in at that moment. Cosmetics from Lime Crime have done more to many, women especially they have brought back freedom, self-expression and the ability to hide imperfections. Doe is a great mentor to women because she started small on her own and came to succeed through her ambition. She also worked magic through the internet and managed to sell her products even more. Doe Deere has been to public expos like PHAME expo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.