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Weddings have gone through major revolutions throughout history, and the past fifteen years are no exception. As reported by Yahoo! recent years have brought about a host of new technologies that make the process of planning and executing a wedding easier than ever.

The first breakthrough has been with gift registries. Instead of scanning items in store and dealing with the hassle of duplicate gifts, slow websites, or settling for what is on shelf at the moment, The Knot Registry and MyRegistry consolidates lists from different stores into one place, allowing users to share the items through a website or a mobile app. Additionally, Honeyfund is a new kind of registry that allows guests to purchase trips and experience for the newlyweds. While these are new solutions, they are expected to really take off in the future.

One website that can act as a gift registry or can be used on a daily basis is Slyce. Slyce allows users to capture a picture of an item in real life or in a magazine that they would like. Slyce then is able to find where the item is available (brick and mortar Orr online store), send coupon codes, and let the searcher make a purchase right then an there. Sometimes with registries, the couple cannot find exactly what they are looking for in a specific store. Slyce reverses the process: the couple finds the item, and Slyce provides all the details.

Slyce was founded in 2012, with headquarters in Toronto. In subsequent years, Slyce has partnered with some of the largest retailers in the United States, including Nieman Marcus. Nieman Marcus now integrates Slyce into its mobile app, allowing users to scan through ever Nieman Marcus store quickly to find what they want based on color, style, price, etc. It’s exponential growth has allowed Slyce to acquire other app and technology companies, keeping its software at the forefront of the online search industry.

Along the same lines, apps and online retailers now have special sites for brides, grooms, and the wedding party to rent dresses. Cheaper and easier, the online process also cuts down on the time and energy spent gathering friends from across the country, visiting multiple stores, and inevitable disagreeing with one of more people. And when the wedding is over, the bride can return or sell the dress again.

The concept of a wedding website is relatively new in an of itself, but the innovations made to creating one are another wave of improvements quickly growing in popularity. Technology now allows couples to create online photo albums, matching invitations, and personalized apps that guests can download for all the latest information on the event.

Evidently, technology has come to be an integral part of society. From weddings to birthdays, from shopping to selling gifts and clothes, the latest technology is working to revolutionize every aspect of life.