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USHEALTH Group is an insurance company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas that offers disability insurance, life insurance, and accident insurance services. USHEALTH Group works in collaboration with other firms namely National Foundation Life Insurance Company as well as the globally acclaimed Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH Group clientele is made up of small enterprise owners & their staff, families, and self-employed individuals. In the last five decades, USHEALTH Group has offered insurance covers to more than fifteen million clients.

USHEALTH Group’s advisory team

USHEALTH Group is a private company with over 1000 employees. Most of the employees are advisors who sell insurance policies to clients. Upon hiring their workers, USHEALTH Group ensures that they go through the necessary training process. This process prepares the agents to be objective and ready to tackle customer needs. The employees, in turn, get proper remuneration for the services rendered.

USHEALTH Group’s products

USHEALTH Group offers services and products such accident and specified disease covers. This company takes a keen interest in the needs of clients and provides them with an array of plans. USHEALTH Group has compiled a broad portfolio of services that are affordable to their customers. This company operates on three pillars: Affordability, reliability, and flexibility. These pillars have differentiated USHEALTH Group from other competitors in the insurance sector. USHEALTH Group services the low-income earners in the society by providing them with discounted insurance plans.

USHEALTH Group also provides mutual insurance cover, such as the Sickness/Disease and Accident Plans, which serves customers in need of a secure and more tailored cover. Other plans offered by this company include Dental and Vision Plans, Income Protector, and Short-Term Accident schemes. This company exercises high levels of transparency and engages in sound business practices.

USHEALTH Group’s achievements

In the last couple of years, this company has won several awards. In 2015, the firm was declared the winner of the Bronze Stevie Award at the 12th Annual International Business Awards. In 2016, USHEALTH Group won the Gold Award in the category of Insurance, Banking, Financial, and Accounting. The same year, the company scooped a Gold Award at the 2016 annual Golden Bridge Awards.

USHEALTH Group reviews from clients

With an excellent track of achievement of more than 50 years, USHEALTH Group is one of the most popular insurance company in the United States. Most of the customers are impressed with their products and the fact that they are tailored to suit their desires. According to some customers, USHEALTH Group’s plans are flexible and allow them to be treated by doctors of their choice. The many compliments and positive reviews that USHEALTH Group continues to receive confirms that clients are happy with the services rendered.