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Most people consider cyber attacks to be a problem only for big corporations. The truth is that even individuals like you and me are prone to cyber attacks and can result in emotional and financial losses ( Being a writer, I write down all my ideas on my laptop.


One day, I was working on my laptop and was happy as I was on the verge of completing one of my books. Suddenly, my screen went blank for a few seconds and then there was a blinking red and white light. Later a message appeared on my screen where they asked me to call a number, or they would release my personal information. I was in a state of shock and tried doing everything, but I was not able to regain control of my computer. I had to pay a huge ransom to get out of it otherwise my years of work would have been lost.


When people ask me about personal cyber security, I share my own experience with ransomware and encourage people to take cyber threats seriously and do everything they can to secure themselves. Personal cyber security companies such as Rubica allow people to protect their personal information when they are online. Since the internet has become a necessity today rather than a luxury, Rubica offers customized and highly effective personal cyber security solutions depending on their needs.