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In 2012, President Obama won the election to serve his second term. In the campaigns which led to this victory, there was a massive application of technology during the campaigns for the first time in the history of the United States politics. The Democratic Party hired the services of NGP VAN, a leading provider of technological solutions to political organizations. President Obama has a software known as Pollwatcher. This was a mobile application which supporters of his candidature would use to know the status of the campaigns. This was also a platform for Obama to address the voters in person. With almost every American using a smartphone, technology-based campaign strategy has a high chance of leading to a victory.

President Obama campaigns proved that it is possible to use technology for political canvassing. With the growth in internet connectivity, a politician does not need to meet all the voters physically. Through technology solutions such as Pollwatcher, they can talk to their supporters directly through their personal devices. This revolution has just changed the meaning of “all politics is local.” The technology employed by Obama is credited with mobilizing over 14 million votes. With developments in technology. The campaigns of the current century are very different from those of the last one.

The high demand for technology in campaigns have led to an increase in opportunities for computer programs which can translate technology into winning methods. Websites and mobile apps for political applications are in high demand, especially during campaign periods.

Given that political contests involve high stake strategies, mobile applications and websites that are created should be good enough that they cannot leak any data to opponents or cannot be hacked. Hacking of such platforms can be used by the opponents to destabilize campaigns of each other. So, when hiring a company to perform the duty of leading technology-based campaigns, the choice should be made with a keen look at the reputation of the firm. NGP VAN has proved that they can be relied upon to help a political party run an efficient technology-based campaign.

NGP VAN is a company with offices in Washington DC. Its role is to supply campaign technology to political parties and politicians all over the world. There are multiple other political parties which have benefited from the expertise of the NGP VAN. With technology changing from time to time, NGP VAN is closely following to update their strategies as soon as a change is detected.

Let me bring something to your attention. Most of your personal information is being kept online or is store away in some organization’s database. The personal information that you have on your home PC, laptop or mobile device also has personalized records about your life. If your personal cyber security is not up to par; chances are you will be compromised.


I used to believe that identity theft is something that happens to other people. Now, I don’t believe that anymore. My identity was compromised back in 2012 and it created a lot of problems for me that I’m still dealing with today.


In the past, I did not have the type of protection that I needed to stay protected while online. Sure, I had standard forms of protections in place such as a firewall and malware detecting programs; still it was not adequately safeguarding me from sophisticated cyber intrusions. I wish I had a personal cyber security company like Rubica monitoring my PC.


Rubica provides outstanding service for personal cyber security monitoring. They know how to discover and eliminate any threats that might arise to my private information. This company uses various strategies to thwart cyber criminals and their deadly programs. Rubica is a solid company that is capable of dealing with any cyber related assault.