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Born of immigrant parents in 1971 , William Saito is a California native, born and raised in Southern California. While his aspirations would lead to surprising collaborations during his years in college, the best reward would be realized living in Japan.

William Saito was instrumental in the introduction of displaying the Japanese characters used in translations for different software products on personal computers. In 1992, Datastorm Technologies, Inc contacted Saito to help them enter the Japanese market. This collaboration, along with Saito’s knowledge of the Japanese language and his aptitude for developing computer programs, helped to open opportunities to work with other soon-to-be technology giants. Datastorm was later acquired by cyber security giant Symantec. By 1995, William Saito was sought after by the likes of Toshiba and Sony. I/O Software’s products and applications became extremely successful and attracted a working relationship with Toshiba which wanted I/O Software’s device driver for its new technology in video cameras. During this process, a video conferencing application was created and this attracted the attention of Sony. Sony created a successful ease-of-use video conferencing system which is currently used by companies worldwide.

By the year 2000, William Saito’s interest in biometrics and information security led to a partnership with Microsoft which led to a full acquisition of the biometric and authentication technology provided by I/O Software. Fingerprint and voice recognition technology is used on Windows-based computers and laptops to this day.

Since his move to Japan in 2005, William Saito has been tireless in his entrepreneurial pursuits by establishing InTecur, a venture capital consultancy. Mr. Saito’s forward thinking is evident in the investment companies he owns. Of his 19 companies, 15 of them are run by women. This type of open-mindedness has put a spotlight on his entrepreneurial expertise.

Due to the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami in 2011, a nuclear disaster occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. The National Diet of Japan, the legislative body of Japan’s government, asked Mr. Saito to help with their investigation of the nuclear disaster. It was during this time that he became involved with the World Economic Forum. It was here he was recognized as an advocate of cyber security and gained notice as a Young Global Leader. Also during 2011, the Cabinet and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan appointed him as advisor of cyber security.