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Sheldon Lavin is a man with a lot on his plate. He is responsible for making sure one of the world’s largest food processing companies runs smoothly and efficiently. Despite the high demands of his position the OSI Group CEO makes managing a multinational corporation look relatively easy. He routinely outperforms other company CEO’s thanks to his vast experience in the finance sector and his leadership skills. He joined the company in the 1970’s as a partner and knows being the CEO of OSI comes with more pressure than most companies and he’s up for the challenge.

The OSI Group has been operational for 100 years. Founded in the early 1900’s the company has resiliently withstood the test of time. The once local butcher shop in Illinois is now a global provider of food product with facilities spanning dozens of locations. The Company has grown exponentially and Sheldon Lavin expects it to continue this trend under his leadership. With Sheldon as CEO the company has experienced a lot of growth due to acquisitions of other companies. Recently OSI bought Baho Foods, a meat processing company based in the Netherlands.

OSI Group has been a major food provider for McDonald’s since 1955. In fact, the company was the fast food restaurant’s first supplier. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

OSI grew rapidly in the 1970’s and 1980’s. By the 1990’s OSI had expanded its reach into 5 countries on spanning multiple continents. It later would construct facilities in 4 more countries. As it entered the new millennium OSI began to venture into other sectors within the food industry. It is becoming a major player in the fresh produce market.

Sheldon Lavin says the best decision he ever made was joining OSI Group 40 years ago. He is largely credited with the rapid growth OSI experienced in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Sheldon Lavin had his hand in almost every major growth phase of OSI.

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