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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is the new novel written by actor Sean Penn. The novel is one of a kind. It has been described as different and not what comes first to mind. The vocabulary used as the diction for the novel may require the average person to do a bit of research on the meaning of the rather descriptive words. But it’s worth the extra research to enjoy the novel.

Sean Penn’s novel is set in a dystopian atmosphere. It has a collection of chapters that discuss many different subjects like presidential elections and the infamous drug dealer El Chapo. He also makes references in his book about how the media plays a role in the social issues occurring in the world. He uses fluctuating emotions of impactful passion and understood anger. The issue of bullying is brought up in the book. World issues also got a spot in the novel like the Russian involvement with U.S. elections and the Las Vegas, Nevada mass shooting. Be brings up scientology in the book mentioning for some it is way for them to distract themselves from the day to day normality. His rhetoric being expressed through metaphors and satire shows his appreciation as an author for the English language.


The actor took a break from screenwriting to pen this novel. He wanted a break from working on scripts for film and for plays to create something on his own that did not involve others. So, he did. He created this fiction novel about a salesman working part time as a killer for the government. In ways, the novel mirrors the author himself and honestly today’s society.

The novelist’s creation of a funny tale on such bleak yet truthful subjects is a book that will be read, enjoyed, questioned and mostly a perspective altering read for years to come. According to Sean Penn’s interview with Vogue about Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, there may be another dystopian book in the works. But until then as readers, we will continue to remember the author’s points of social injustice and corrupt government as we better analyze the issues we face in our own communities and country.