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Darius Fisher penned an interesting article about his company, Status Labs, in The Huffington Post. Fisher provided a short bio of his company’s early days. Status Labs is a public relations firm and, ironically, the company was almost derailed by its own reputation crisis.

An executive who was employed at the company did something that brought a great deal of negative press onto the firm. Even though Status Labs was not directly involved with the incident, the company’s name was dragged into the mess. And the situation absolutely can be described as a mess. A lot of really bad – and frequent – media publicity swarmed the company.

To say this had the potential for sinking the company would be an understatement. Bad publicity does not draw in new customers. Talented employees do not want to be associated with a scandal. Therein was another problem the firm had to deal with. Employees quit when the negative media buzz got hot.

Darius Fisher and others in charge of Status Labs new something had to be done. The troubled executive parted ways with the company. Soon after, Status Labs went to work on making the workplace a highly positive one for loyal employees.

Additionally, the firm went to work on contributing to the local community. Joint ventures with other companies were formed to help out various charities and causes. In addition to doing good in the community, Status Labs was able to improve on a damaged reputation. By showing the charitable side of the company, the media and the public began to realize the firm was home to a lot of good people.

Things have been going steadily uphill these days.

Status Labs has grown to an incredible degree since the company has founded a few short years ago. A few well-publicized clients have helped with the cause. Revenues are up dramatically as a result.

Some may recall Status Labs represented the University of Missouri professor who was caught up in a controversial protest and video recording media firestorm. Status Labs has helped scores of other clients with their reputation management woes are is sure to continue to amass an impressive array of clients.

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