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Rather you’re new to the city or just simply looking for a new church home, Mighty Fortress Church is the perfect place to go. They are always looking for new members to join their loving congregation. Mighty Fortress Church is different from many traditional church in many ways. Members of Mighty Fortress Church always leave services feeling refreshed, blessed and favored.

Mighty Fortress Church is the perfect place to come for spiritual healing. Not only does the church allow you to build a relationship with God, but it also gives you an opportunity to meet new friendly people of God. Mighty Fortress Church looks at all members like family. Unlike most churches, with Mighty Fortress Church you won’t have to feel uncomfortable in any way because Mighty Fortress Church is a judgement free zone. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

The church has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You won’t have to worry about searching for specific clothes to attend church in because Mighty Fortress Church has a policy that says come as you are. This means members are welcomed to wear their Sunday best but if you don’t have dress clothes or just want to wear casual clothing, that is totally fine! The main objective for all members is to build a personal relationship with God.

Mighty Fortress Church definitely help their members build strong relationships with God. Each week members are fed the word with positive, strong, encouraging words. The sermons are given to members in a practical way, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to understand the word.


The pastor of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Thomas Williams has been serving God for more than 30 years now. He has a passion for helping his members and people in the community build a strong ever lasting relationship with God. Bishop Thomas Williams is a very educated man. So far he has received multiple degrees, including a bachelors degree, a masters degree, and doctorate degrees as well. If you are looking for a church home in the city of Minneapolis, this is defiantly the right place to come! Visit to know more.