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George Soros, the billionaire investor, came back into politics funding after spending quite a fortune in the 2004 elections to defeat President George W. Bush. He has re-emerged as one of the leading funders of the Democratic politics and a nightmare to the conservatives. George Soros donated more than $25 million to support Hillary Clinton as well as other Democratic candidates. According to his close associates, Soros has never been so involved in politics like was this year. His intense involvement in politics was due to his faith in Clinton and fear of Donald Trump, whom Soros speculates does the works of ISIS. The political stakes were very high for Soros because of increased hostility to issues George cares about and work earnestly to support such as religious tolerance, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform.

After the elections, George Soros and other rich investors who spent millions of dollars to support Hillary Clinton had a three-day meeting that took place behind closed doors in Washington. The agenda of the meeting was to come up with ways to fight back against the president. The meeting started on Sunday at Prices Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington. It was sponsored by the Democratic Alliance Donor Club. According to documents and an agenda obtained by POLITICO, there were appearances by leaders of leading unions and liberal groups. Beloveds of the left such as Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic Leader, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison, the Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairperson.

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This was the first major meeting since Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections. The meeting’s agenda disclosed that the liberals plan on a head-on warfare against Trump from the first day of power. Some parts of the agenda touch on gearing up for the 2017/2018 elections and others emphasis on frustrating Trump’s 100-day plan, which according to the agenda is a frightening assault on the previous president’s achievements.

The discussion took place at a time when most liberals were reviewing their approach to politics in addition to the function of the DA (Democratic Alliance). Over the past decade, the DA, its beneficiaries as well as the donors played a major role in shaping the organizations of the left. They oriented some key institutions around Hillary Clinton.

Trump became president with the support from the working-class whites. According to exit polls, factors like the role of money in politics and climate changes did not impact on the voters who led Trump to his victory. DA started operating in 2005 and has directed $500 million to several groups including pillars of the left such as Media Matters. All the groups are run by Clinton’s allies and are expected to send their representatives to the DA meeting.

It remains unclear whether the groups will become accustomed to the post-Clinton Democratic Part. However, some of the DA’s prominent donors have always been generous to them. This includes George Soros, who after retreating from politics for years came back and committed $25 million to support Clinton. The billionaire investor appears periodically to DA meetings, and he is never part of the formal proceedings. His scheduled appearance as a speaker showed that he is determined to oppose President Trump. George Soros grew up in Hungary which is characterized with Communism and Nazism. He has committed his organizations to protect open societies in the works, which ironically, are currently threatened by the U.S.

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During the election campaign period, the activities of contenders and their close cronies are usually closely followed and documented by the media and other interest groups like Bloomberg. Any negative publicity could spell doom to the candidate and his or her whole set-up. During the ongoing US presidential party primaries, Ohio Governor John Kasich who is a Republican hopeful received a donation from an unlikely quarter; Forbes billionaire George Soros.
The donation was made through two of George Soros’s trusted fund managers, Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller. It amounted to 448,375 US dollars, which is meant for the candidate’s “soft money” funds. This is can be proved by Federal Elections Commission reports.

Why the Donation Raises Eyebrows

Many analysts are speculating that there is a lot more in store than what meets the eye. Mr. Soros has spent large sums of money forming and backing pro-Democratic groups. He also supports libertarian organizations such as and ACORN and therefore, his move has caused quite a storm. The organizations often support anti-Republican policies, a party to which Kasich belongs.

In addition, Soros recently made another grant amounting to 8 million dollars to Kasich’s likely opponent Hillary Clinton’s campaign kitty. Donating to Kasich has made analysts ask questions about who he really supports. He is also opposed to Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who have made insistent calls about tightening of border posts, a move likely to lock out immigrants.

The Ohio Governor’s reasonable and seemingly non-partisan stance on issues has clearly won him support from donors across the political divide. However, most people think it is a way of stopping Trump.
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A brief history of George Soros

Soros made his money through wealth fund management and is currently ranked among the richest people in the world. Born in Hungary in 1931, he fled the country when the Nazi forces occupied it, moving to the United Kingdom and later to America. He is a citizen of both Hungary and the USA. Soros worked in various institutions in London after completing his studies at the London School of Economics. He embarked on his career at Singer and Friedlander, a commercial bank in 1954, where he worked as a clerk.

George Soros moved to New York in 1956, where he worked as an arbitrate dealer for F.M Mayer. His role was advising the firm on European stocks. He also worked at Wertheim and Co. before branching out to found Soros Fund Management in 1970. He has led the firm through a period of great accomplishment for over four decades, and still remains its chairman.

Away from business, Soros’s has extensive political connections globally. He supports the Democratic Party’s policies. He founded and chairs the Open Society, which acts as a springboard for the promotion of democracy. He is a dedicated humanitarian and has given more than 11 billion dollars for philanthropic activities during his life. He has five children from his past marriages, all of whom have made great milestones in their careers.