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The chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest shortly before the beginning of world war 2. He grew in the midst of a war-torn country and extreme oppression of the people by the Nazi government. After the war, his country Hungary was taken over by a pro-Nazi communist government and things did not get better for them as citizens. There was widespread suffering and high mortality rates especially from internal conflicts, diseases, and starvation. Luckily for him, in 1947, he managed to escape to Britain, where he completed his education. After he was done with school, die migrated to the United States to start his career in business which turned out to be very successful.

Due to his experiences in Hungary during and after the cold war George Soros was inspired to always try and make a change in the political arena. He believes that people deserve a good leader who cares about them. Since he has now made a fortune out of his business career, he uses his money to support good political courses. He donates funds to support campaigns of leaders he believes are good and will bring a good change to the world. For a long time, George Soros has been donating to fund political campaigns, but his breakthrough came in 2004.

In 2004, John Kerry was a presidential aspirant who stood up in a race to White House against George W. Bush. Bush was running for a second term as the president of the United States. During this campaign period, George Soros donated over $20 million to support John Kerry’s campaigns. He also supported other minority groups that were fighting against President Bushs’ reelection. In 2008, he took a break and did not support any candidate. When it came to 2012, George Soros showed signs of a major comeback with a donation of $1million to support President Obama’s Reelection Campaign.
This is 2016, and it is another election period in the American history. 2015 was the year of rewriting history books for George Soros. In this year’s election, Soros has chosen to support Hillary Clinton, who is a Democrat party president aspirant. At the beginning of 2015, George Soros donated a total of $2 million to groups that support Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The money was shared in the ratio of 1:1 between Priorities USA and American Bridge 21st Century.

In December 2015, George Soros donated a whopping $6million to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC, Priorities USA Action to help fund their campaigns. This figure is the biggest yet in this campaign period with the second best standing at around $5 million. From Soros history in 2004, he is expected to donate more money and beat his then total donations. But even as it currently stands, George Soros is the biggest political funder in the history of American politics.