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End Citizens United Spreading the Awareness of Defected Campaign Finance System

It is a known fact that wealthy individuals and corporations have been interfering with the United States’ politics for the past many decades. Wealthy corporations like Koch brothers and many others are known to influence the politics to get the politicians in their favor. They use the unlimited amount of money they have to get the politicians in their favor by funding their election campaigns. The amount of money they spend in elections to support the politician of their choice makes the politician obligated to help the financing corporations when they come to power. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.


The flow of money into the elections of the United States started without any accountability when the Supreme Court passed the bill that allowed the corporations to spend as much money in the elections anonymously. Similarly, the bill also authorized the individuals to spend money on elections without any need for transparency. It is this decision by the Supreme Court that the End Citizen United political action committee has been raising voice against since its creation in March 2015. The point that End Citizens United wants to make is that there should be some accountability in how the election campaigns are financed so that the money is not used. It would allow the honest politicians without any corporate backing to get a chance to surface and get the attention of the people. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.


Most of the times, the politicians who are spending millions of dollars in their election campaigns get the attention of the voters and get elected while the politicians who do not spend as much money losses the elections without much of a fight. It is this imbalance that End Citizens United wants to neutralize by creating awareness and gathering the funds to support the movement of denouncing the corporate money. More than 170 politicians in the United States have openly declared that they won’t be accepting any money from the big corporations. End Citizens United wants to ensure that the people are aware of what is going on in the country’s political landscape so that they use the power of their vote to change the direction in which the country is heading.