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Let me bring something to your attention. Most of your personal information is being kept online or is store away in some organization’s database. The personal information that you have on your home PC, laptop or mobile device also has personalized records about your life. If your personal cyber security is not up to par; chances are you will be compromised.


I used to believe that identity theft is something that happens to other people. Now, I don’t believe that anymore. My identity was compromised back in 2012 and it created a lot of problems for me that I’m still dealing with today.


In the past, I did not have the type of protection that I needed to stay protected while online. Sure, I had standard forms of protections in place such as a firewall and malware detecting programs; still it was not adequately safeguarding me from sophisticated cyber intrusions. I wish I had a personal cyber security company like Rubica monitoring my PC.


Rubica provides outstanding service for personal cyber security monitoring. They know how to discover and eliminate any threats that might arise to my private information. This company uses various strategies to thwart cyber criminals and their deadly programs. Rubica is a solid company that is capable of dealing with any cyber related assault.