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Shaygan Kheradpir is stirring things up once again in the telecommunications industry. The former CEO of Juniper Networks Inc. caused quite a buzz in the weeks prior to and up until his eventual resignation from the company in November, 2015. His departure came about after a highly publicized whirlwind of events that started with attacks from investors and was followed by investigations of company strategies, employee layoffs, and several other executive resignations. Now Kheradpir is making headlines again but this time on a more positive note with his acceptance of a CEO position at Coriant, Inc.

The move to Coriant is no small move as Coriant, Inc is considered to be a major player in the telecom/technology industry. According to LinkedIn, “Coriant is a proven supplier of innovative networking solutions to leading network operators in over 100 countries. Coriant customers include nine of the top 10 global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSPs), as well as cloud providers, enterprises, and government agencies.” Coriant is headquartered in Munich, Germany and some of its industry rivals include Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Huawei, Nokia Networks, and Ericsson.

There are some skeptics who question whether Coriant has made a wise hiring decision with the new addition of Shaygan Kheradpir since his controversial exit from Juniper. Obviously though, there are others who are hopeful regarding what the new CEO could bring to the table and are excited about his potential to increase revenue and lead the company to greater expansion. Kheradpir certainly has an impressive set of qualifications and experience on his resume with his previous employment in senior level positions at GTE and Verizon Communications and also a role as chief technology and operations officer for Barclays Bank. In all, Kheradpir has more than 28 years of executive experience in the telecommunications, technology and business sectors.

Shaygan Kheradpir will take over the role that was previously held by Pat DiPietro, who will be taking over the seat of vice chairman and operating partner for Marlin Equity Partners, the private investment group that is the parent company of Coriant. DiPietro is looking forward to the change of roles and is especially excited about bringing Kheradpir onboard. DiPietro responded to the announcement by saying, “We are honored to welcome Shaygan to Coriant and fortunate to have an executive of his caliber leading the company. His strategic insight and guidance on focused operational execution have been invaluable since we began working together earlier this year, and we are confident in his ability to drive Coriant to the next level of growth.”┬áThe next few months will be a critical time for both Shaygan Kheradpir and for Coriant and it will be interesting to see what happens next–one thing is for sure though, there will be plenty of eyes watching to see how this next phase will unfold.

Read more at for more information about Shaygan Kheradpir and Coriant.

On a recent segment of The Intelligent Report with Trish Regan featured on Fox News there was an exclusive interview of Thor Halvorssen, founder and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation. Regan interviewed Halvorssen to get his perspective on why Socialism is a violation of basic human rights.

Halvorssen has dealt with socialism personally. The socialist country of Venezuela has caused severe trauma and harm to him and his family. While under the Hugo Chavez regime, his father was imprisoned and his mother was shot. Currently, his cousin is imprisoned in Venezuela, so Halvorssen is no stranger to how a socialist goverment will parade around in a deceiving way saying they will help the people but in actuality they will be robbing them right from under their noses.

He believes that socialism cannot be enforced correctly unless paired with democracy. Referencing Northern Europe’s countries like Sweden and Denmark, Halvorssen shows Regan that it is possible but that we should all be wary of socialism under an authoritarian rule. This type of government paired with socialism will destroy the United States economy. In Venezuela, the government sets the price of items and that is the price they stay at. This was one of the many examples Halvorssen said showed how a socialist government could be destructive.

Thor Halvorssen reiterates throughout his interview with Regan that socialist policies can be done correctly and for the benefit of the people but that there must be a firm separation of powers. The government must not be allowed to take control because then the socialist policies could do so much irreversible damage. Halvorssen believes that with a pairing of a democratic government and socialist policies then the United States would prosper like the Northern European countries mentioned earlier.

If socialistic policies or even a socialist government is the only thing in power then the government has the power to take control of our personal property or whatever they please and this is what Halvorssen calls a “mask”. The government is not thinking of the people and putting them first, they are only looking to rob the country for all it’s worth.