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Sheldon Lavin is a man with a lot on his plate. He is responsible for making sure one of the world’s largest food processing companies runs smoothly and efficiently. Despite the high demands of his position the OSI Group CEO makes managing a multinational corporation look relatively easy. He routinely outperforms other company CEO’s thanks to his vast experience in the finance sector and his leadership skills. He joined the company in the 1970’s as a partner and knows being the CEO of OSI comes with more pressure than most companies and he’s up for the challenge.

The OSI Group has been operational for 100 years. Founded in the early 1900’s the company has resiliently withstood the test of time. The once local butcher shop in Illinois is now a global provider of food product with facilities spanning dozens of locations. The Company has grown exponentially and Sheldon Lavin expects it to continue this trend under his leadership. With Sheldon as CEO the company has experienced a lot of growth due to acquisitions of other companies. Recently OSI bought Baho Foods, a meat processing company based in the Netherlands.

OSI Group has been a major food provider for McDonald’s since 1955. In fact, the company was the fast food restaurant’s first supplier. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

OSI grew rapidly in the 1970’s and 1980’s. By the 1990’s OSI had expanded its reach into 5 countries on spanning multiple continents. It later would construct facilities in 4 more countries. As it entered the new millennium OSI began to venture into other sectors within the food industry. It is becoming a major player in the fresh produce market.

Sheldon Lavin says the best decision he ever made was joining OSI Group 40 years ago. He is largely credited with the rapid growth OSI experienced in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Sheldon Lavin had his hand in almost every major growth phase of OSI.

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OSI Industries Inc. never leaves their families brainstorming about what’s in their food and where it comes from with full disclosure according to government regulations. They’re committed to putting the highest quality meal on the table of the millions of customers they serve. The government mandates how your food is process with guidelines, but OSI competitors were forced to comply with infractions and company sanctions. However, OSI was one of the first to answer to a stabilized food network. Their efforts have allowed them to be one of the largest food leaders in the network with an exceptional standard for quality food.

OSI Industries are the leaders in the North American food industry. They’re based in Zurich, Illinois with an estimated worth of $60 billion dollars and their assets continue to grow. Their business portfolio continues to impress their stockholders while they continue to support their growth efforts. President of OSI, David A. McDonald says, the new initiative is international growth as he works along COO, Sheldon Lavin. A family being fed an OSI diet and the team behind processing their food. They’re committed to processing all-natural food products and have created their own line of organic vegetables.

Recent News On OSI Industries

Their has been a successful effort by OSI Industries Inc. to partner with more international networks. They were one of the first to see the success in partnering with the EU. Flagship Europe is now proudly owned and operated by OSI and they are responsible for operating one of their largest food process lines. The move has been successful for all of the parties involved and estimated to be worth $7 million. They will proudly process their food condiments and frozen poultry. Their EU success led to the idea of expanding their organic vegetables to India.

OSI successfully gives back to their local community by serving their needs. McDonald says, it’s important to give back to the communities they serve. As a corporation it was important for them to make a bid for a Chicago food plant. The success of the partnership saved the jobs of hundreds of local area workers. They also donate their time and resources individually to help many local area charities. For example, one leadership executive gives his time and resources to the local area American Boy Scouts of America.

Visit the OSI Industries Inc. website to learn more about their successful food processing corporation today.

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Custom food solutions have changed the way most people receive their daily foods. Schools, grocery stores and other organizations all receive their foods from some type of food supplier. Unfortunately, every store doesn’t have it’s own special farm. Many of today’s top companies and schools receive their food solutions from the same food supplier. The exact recipe varies from business to business, but food suppliers all seem to serve the same clients. OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, does it better than most as it is recognized as a top 100 company. To add insult to injury, this company is one of the biggest privately held companies in the U.S. Of course, none of this just happened by chance, but rather it came from hard work and dedications.

OSI Group is at the pinnacle of the industry when it comes to creating food-to-table cuisines. No one else does it better and that’s a fact. This company has an entrepreneurial passion, a hard work ethic, perseverance as well as ingenuity. Since it has been around for nearly a century, its resume of success is true testament to how great it has become. German immigrant Otto Kolschowski had a dream, and he turned his dream into a reality. Back in the day, McDonalds was one of its first high profile business clients. To this very day, OSI Group still serves many of the most prominent names in society. This includes Pizza Hut, Starbucks, KFC and Subway. It has facilities all around the globe, and it employs upward of 20,000 people. The magnitude of this company is simply astounding in a sense. Last year, OSI Group acquired Tyson Foods in Chicago for $7.4 million. The company has also acquired the European giant BAHO Food. With this acquisition, the company can now serve an extra number of foreign markets.

There are no bystanders when working with OSI Group. Each and every client is involved throughout the development stage. On the other hand, OSI Group develops, processes, distributes and manufactures its own products. Excellence, ambition and expertise is the epitome of this Midwestern giant.

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