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The business of dog food in America is booming and it’s changing the paradigm. Gone are the days of soggy and over-processed chunks of leftover meat. Today’s premium dog food keeps up with the latest facebook trends like Paleo Diets and gluten-free dessert. Already a 23.7 billion dollar industry, dog food continues to grow. Premium dog food, the trendy thoughtful food for man’s best friend, has climbed 37% to reach 103 million in sales according to a source material from Of all of these companies no company has dominated the market more than Beneful.

Purinastore’s Beneful dog food brand ( stands out from the pack for many reasons. It’s ingredients tend to be fresh and it always has the nutrition that canines are in need of. While other dog brands tend to skimp on portions, no dog goes hungry with Beneful. Canine obesity, the excessive accumulation of fat in dogs, isn’t any issue either as Beneful tends to be low in fat. The same can’t always be said about other brands of dog food.
In today’s health-conscious America we tend to take our diet very seriously. We cut out junk food, processed food, gluten, and anything else that might endanger our bodies. For many of the same reasons, Beneful has also improved it’s dog food. Only the freshest organic meat and vegetables are allowed into Beneful dog food. Going the extra mile in it’s pursuit of the healthiest nutrition it can offer Beneful actually conducts thorough and cautious research on every product before it is released on Wal-Mart groceries, No expense is spared and making it’s food safe and healthful.