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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, growing up miles apart, took similar paths in life. They were both DJing in their local areas, struggling to make money as musicians. When Alex Pall’s previous partner left The Chainsmokers, a mutual friend put Pall and Taggart in contact. This is how The Chainsmokers were born.


The two DJs, after the release of “Closer,” sat down with an interview with Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Topics ranged from their beginnings to their future, even briefly speaking about Halsey, who was a guest singer on “Closer.”


Andrew Taggart was working as a DJ in Maine while attending college; Alex Pall was doing slightly better in New York, but when his partner left the group, he needed a new musical partner. This is when Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were put together. They began making music right away.


“We were both very observant about what was going on around us,” Pall explained to the interviewer. The Chainsmokers took what they needed to from other successful acts, adapted it, and used it to craft their own unique sound. Now every Chainsmokers song sounds different enough to stand out, but each record is finely tuned to be recognized as a Chainsmokers song.


The interviewer asked The Chainsmokers if being a DJing duo makes it harder to be taken seriously as a musical act, and Taggart wasn’t quite sure.


“I think yes and no,” Taggart said. He also said that for a while all popular music was starting to sound the same. Specifically, Taggart was referring to the Young and Free playlist from Spotify. A lot of music producers are trying to mimic other successful songs, and forget to include originality into the process. The Chainsmokers have successfully brought their own sound to a convoluted genre, and they are successful for this reason.

Clayton Hutson has become the most successful musician and in the field of art. From his tender age, he had a tremendous passion for art and music. Clayton Hutson passion powered him to enroll a course leading to theatre arts in his youth age. He later enrolled for the MBA at Stephen M. Ross School of Business. He has an excellent educational background of which he even studied in Michigan University. On the completion of his academic life, Clayton Hutson had a chance to hold various positions with different live entertainment companies.

Clayton Hutson worked with Billy Graham`s sound team who had vast knowledge and experience in sound engineering. Clayton Hutson passion for Rock and Roll music pushed him to venture fully with to the music industry. Clayton was exposed to management, sound engineering, and many live performances, which made him establish his first music business.

He discovered that he had an entrepreneurial spirit and drove to transform his dreams into reality. His first music business expanded and grew faster than he could imagine. When he was interviewed, he said he started music venture when there were various economic uncertainties, and he never thought he would make it and become a successful person in the music industry. At the moment, Clayton Hutson has earned a lot of reputation for his exemplary work in the music field.

Clayton Hutson mentioned that success is measured by how much you invest regarding time, hard work, consistency, and personal focus. He talked about his success journey being full of efforts but not a walk in the park. Besides, working with Billy Graham, Hutson had traveled and worked with other prominent musicians like Garbage Band. They have traveled to various nations in Europe. One of Hutson`s most recognized and reputable outstanding accomplishments is when he operated the automatic rigging system that belonged to One Republic during its biggest tours. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson in recent past has worked with reputable and talented musicians including Kelly and Pink. He has been their manager, designer as well as a producer in almost all their concerts. Clayton Hutson music company earns a substantial amount of money through the provision of sound engineering services, rigging services, and live production. The company through the leadership of Clayton Hutson provides other services like stage management and logistics. Clayton Hutson gets a lot of business through recommendations from the clients and also from his website. He is active on various social media platform and has a LinkedIn profile that helps him to connect with people who have interest in music.