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Yeonmi Park who wrote the book called “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, didn’t know what the word freedom meant. What she did know was that the thing that she enjoyed most was having food. In 2007 she escaped across a frozen river with her parents into china. She was thirteen at the time. She then crossed the china and the Gobi desert to get to South Korea. It was hard for her because she was outside of the law. She got abused and starved. Her father died shortly after crossing over to join her. She is sad that he never got the chance to understand the world that is outside of North Korea. Pyongyang has released a video that claims that she fabricated a lot of her story. The movie accuses Yeonmi and her mom of being spies for the united states and people who live in North Korea have begun to to believe that this theory is correct.
Yeonmi stands by all of her claims that her story is true. There were some claims that discrepancies were found in her story. Yeonmi responded that some of the details of her story on Youtube needed to be changed in order to protect her family members. She chose to hide other events, like suffering sexual abuse out of shame. Other things that may be regarded as discrepancies she attributed to having a minimal grasp of English. Possible exaggerations are taken very seriously as the refugees from North Korea are in a delicate situation.