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As the digital world changes around us our reliance and assumption of service is going to change. FreedomPop is harnessing that changing world to bring to the forefront of the public image a product that offers everything you want with nothing else. FreedomPop is a freemium phone company that is focusing on putting control back into the hands of consumers, opting to instead offer a digital buffet of products rather than a lump sum of unnecessary purchases. We’ll look at what FreedomPop offers and why they might just be the right company for you.

Essentially what CEO Stephen Stokols is offering to customers is a product that never needs to be paid for. The core of what FreedomPop is will continue to be and always has been: free. FreedomPop offers customers a SIM card only option, if they so choose it, which supplies them with a limited amount of talk, text, and data. As long as you are comfortable with your limited amount you will never be asked to or forced into purchasing any upgrades. That’s it; you’re done — a free mobile phone carrier. However, if you want to see what else FreedomPop has to offer then keep on reading.

FreedomPop is focused on putting forth products and digital upgrades that will help customers without implying that they need them. An example of one of these products is the FreedomPop Supernova 655. This product works as a mobile hotspot that can be used to help take advantage of the FreedomPop internet offer. This little device is small, light, and possesses an amazing battery so that you are able to take advantage of the internet wherever you are. Aside from this piece of hardware, FreedomPop also has pushed an extensive library of digital add ons. Whether you want unlimited talk/text or simply bonus data usage, there is a line out there for you to take advantage of.

In a world where we can customize and tailor make everything to our needs, our mobile carrier should be no different. This review of FreedomPop is meant to showcase exactly what is so strong about the carrier: choice and affordability.

I just did not have the time or the energy to spend all my money on a cell phone, and I started looking for ways to save money. There were a lot of options, but then I found FreedomPop because they have services that are very cheap or even free. I actually decided to go with the free service because I can use wifi and a special app. They are saving me tons of money every month, and I even hear that they are helping people save money by offering them special deals on certain apps.

I am pretty impressed with FreedomPop because they have made sure that they have a calling system that works for all people. I heard that they are trying to reach all over the world, and they are going to keep pushing until their networks can reach people all over the world. It is something that I think really helps, and it means that I will be able to use my phone overseas in countries where they have already been able to expand. It is just a nice feeling to know I picked a company that works at home and abroad at the same time.

The first thing that I noticed about FreedomPop is that they still have smartphones, and that means that you do not even have to use a phone you do not like. They let you use a smartphone when you get on their network, and you can use it any way you need. They have these plans that are cheaper and offer some more data and minutes, and I think that is going to work better for my friends. Basically, we are able to use the system to get the results we want while paying almost nothing for our phone service at FreedomPop.


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Many reviews out there will say one company is better than another, but I must say that I have reviewed FreedomPop thoroughly and have found them to be the best. I found out about FreedomPop’s services when I had a very low income and couldn’t afford cell phone service. Even paying $50 per month was too much money for me, so I decided to join FreedomPop and accept their 200 minutes per month cell phone service. Whenever I ran out of minutes, I would use the text messages, which really helped me to communicate with friends and family members.

Using the free cell phone service I got from FreedomPop, I was able to obtain a job, which allowed me to go on to pay for the unlimited FreedomPop cell phone service. Even though I could afford to pay a higher cell phone bill, I didn’t see the need to pay more money for cell phone service when it wasn’t necessary. I’ve used FreedomPop’s unlimited cell phone service now for about a year, and I wouldn’t switch for anything. I get 4G LTE speeds on my data, and I even upgraded to a newer cell phone.

I like that FreedomPop allows me to bring a phone over to its service or to purchase one from them at a low cost. I’ve able to use the newest cell phones on FreedomPop services, even when I was using the free service that they had to offer. I never pay more than $20 each month for my cell phone service, and I’m also happy to know that FreedomPop has other services that they offer too. I found out about the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service, and I thought it would be a good idea to get the service.

I’ve used the unlimited Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop for my laptop whenever I go to public places that I know I’ll be at for a while. I’ve been able to use my laptop as well as my cell phone on the Wi-Fi service, and I love the fact that it only costs me five dollars per month. I’ve examined many of the products and services that FreedomPop offers, and unfortunately, no other companies compare. I wish more companies were willing to cater to their customers to give them low prices for services like FreedomPop. No matter what, FreedomPop is my company of choice.

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FreedomPop has become a globalized mobile plan that offers free monthly services that are of quality and can even roll over to the next month. FreedomPop, though a new company, has already incorporated millions of customers into the company’s plan. Stephen Stokols founded this company under the premise that being connected should no longer be a privilege, but should now be considered a right for all. Thanks to FreedomPop, for a small signup fee, users can now enjoy free voice minutes, texts, as well as data. With more and more investors becoming interested in this growing company, FreedomPop has plans to expand at an exponential rate within the next few years.

In recent news, FreedomPop has announced the company’s plans to offer zero-rated access to Whatsapp. This means that Whatsapp will be completely free for users to use. This is also regardless of the amount of data that is allotted per plan. Though this offer is currently only offered in Spain, this new feature will continue to spread within the next few months. The company itself was founded in 2011 and has since then expanded globally to UK as well as Spain.

Whatsapp is a Facebook owned app that acts as another mode for international communication. Whatsapp was originally a mobile friendly chatting app and was then acquired by Facebook for $19 billion. Since then, Whatsapp now offers unlimited services to customers which is expertly paired with FreedomPop, a user-friendly and inexpensive mobile carrier. Despite the complimentary characteristics, FreedomPop is acting on its own accord and does not plan to be acquired any time soon.

FreedomPop CEO believes that Spain is the perfect country to launch their new integration due to the fact that Spain has over 70 percent of its users using Whatsapp. Success in Spain will enable FreedomPop to have success around the world. In addition to the now free Whatsapp given through FreedomPop, FreedomPop is now offering free roaming in over 31 countries. With inexpensive traveling around the world being so popular, FreedomPop has created an even more inexpensive way to communicate to others all around the world.

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