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Vertucci was brought up in a middle-class family, despite the fact that his family was not that rich they ensured his fundamental needs were satisfactorily met. His father died when he was at the age of ten years, and after his demise, Nick Vertucci saw the way his mother was struggling to raise the family. When Nick was at the age of eighteen years life got hard making him live in a car.

Surprisingly Nick did not let his situation prevent him from becoming someone in the society; he began an organization that specialized in the sale of computer parts. Amid this period, Vertucci realized the opportunity he had through venturing into entrepreneurship, both with money and time. With discipline and diligent work,Nick Vertucci rose through the ranks making him earn seven-figure pay. He got married, had three daughters and after this is at the point his life moved to another level.

For a considerable length of time, Nick enjoyed an atmosphere which was comfortable. However this was not going to last for long and when the new millennium came closer, the industry of dot-com crumbled down and was pushed at a corner of losses. The greater part of his money related achievements was gone, and at that time the only precious thing he possessed was his house, he felt vanquished. For a year and a half after his misfortune, Nick Vertucci attempted very hard to find other opportunities that will help him support his family and sadly to say he was only moving dip in the depth of debts.

Nick Vertucci was challenged by one of his friends to attend a seminar involving real estate, Nick was hesitant at the beginning, but later on he agreed. This was a life-changing decision that he made. Vertucci came up with a turnkey system, he was renting, and rehabbing the foreclosures he bought, Nick was able to manage them using his turnkey system. He started selling them to the public by hundreds through his radio station. After these accomplishments, Nick Vertucci proceeded in creating NVREA (Real estate academy), which was launched in 2014 January.

Vertucci’s real estate academy is a training organization that sharpens individuals with skills circulating property identification, rented property, owned property and investments systems. The mentorship and training programs help emerging investors to succeed without struggles. However, the academy provides learners with the knowledge that assist in locating an asset at a low market price, and how to make it turn into a property which generates income. The academy also provides networking which is essential to entrepreneurs, the teams of professional make this possible by showing you where to sell or buy your properties.