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Traditionally, shopping has been a women’s hobby that men avoided whenever possible. With the prominence of e-commerce, that mindset is swiftly changing and today’s men are becoming more conscious of how they look. Business Insider recently published a feature article that picked up on the trend of men dressing better and explored how men have started to take their personal style a lot more seriously. “There’s a Reason Men are Dressing Better” discusses how men everywhere are stepping up their fashion game thanks to the convenience of the internet.

The article points out that men are changing the way they think about fashion in general and want to look good. So much so that menswear has seen a 16.7% increase in sales over the past five years and is on pace to keep growing. Being able to shop online without the pressure of trying on items and aimlessly walking around stores takes the pressure out of shopping and makes it infinitely more enjoyable. Varying price points are also drawing male consumers since they can compare prices without pressure from salespeople at a brick-and-mortar store.

The article mentioned several retailers that are capitalizing on this trend. One such retailer offering quality items at affordable price points is luxury shoe and accessory maker Paul Evans. Paul Evans offers an outstanding selection of fine men’s footwear and accessories designed to provide a customized look without the hefty price tag. Paul Evans shoes, belts and briefcases are crafted from the finest quality leather and are handmade in Italy. The affordability of the brand is achieved by using a direct-to-consumer model that eliminates the high markups typically seen in retail of luxury goods.

The Paul Evans shopping experience is completely exclusive to the internet which allows the brand function without the added overhead of retail locations or commission-driven sales associates. allows men to shop from the comfort of their own homes while ensuring them that they are getting the quality and value they deserve. Visitors to the site are able to view items in close detail and are offered views of the items being worn by real people. From casual to formal, Paul Evans is putting some of the world’s finest shoes and accessories right at your fingertips.