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Like with most organizations where professionals gather under the aegis of shared professions, one of major perks is sharing knowledge. The American Institute of Architecture (AIA) is the best way for architects to get to know one another, to get connected and to be involved with each other in a productive and community-based way. Currently Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of this stellar professional organization for architects. In the AIA, architects can share passion for the latest trends in the industry, discuss some of the barriers to successful implementation of new trends and discuss public policy as it relates to the changing landscape of this profession. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

There are many tools and tricks of any trade that professionals will share together when they have an organization to bring them together. There are more than 90,000 trade and professional associations in the United States, at last count. In many of these organizations, the chances to network and build up your own credibility are always available. The nicest part about becoming a leader in a professional organization is that your peers saw something that makes a person worthy to lead the others.

One of the other major benefits of being in a professional organization is the tools and data that are made available to members, including websites of interest, and newsletters filled with information that members will find interesting. There is also a dedicated team of researchers on staff, normally the hallmark of any professional club or organization, that work to uncover the most current information and trends in the industry. The benefits to belong to a professional organization are numerous.


Another key benefit to professional organizations is the ability to talk to other professionals candidly without the concern that conversations had with club members will ever be spoken of outside of the organization. Everyone needs a place to go to talk about their profession, with other professionals, and where they feel comfortable to talk openly within a group of trusted individuals who understand and Robert Ivy has made the AIA into just this kind of organization.

Robert Ivy has brought this and more to the AIA. His career includes a laundry list of awards and distinctions throughout his storied career, including Alpha Rho Chi, a fraternity for architects with chapters around the country, voted unanimously to bestow him the professional accolade of “Master Architect.” Roberty Ivy’s professional accomplishments put him at the helm of the AIA. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.