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Wikipedia’s website has become the premier place to be on the internet. By having a page on the site, individuals or businesses get a massive amount of free advertising and reviews. The only major downside is the editing that biased viewers do to pages. On Wikipedia, anyone can update a Wiki page. It seems like a good thing at first because if there are any misspellings, they can be easily fixed. Unfortunately though, that isn’t all viewers change on the pages. There have been many cases of vandalism and unfair editing that is quite upsetting. 

A recent case of this hit the news lines when editing was done to listings of women authors. Every Wikipedia page is classified in to a category. One of the categories is called “American Novelists”. Some Wikipedia viewers changed the list to remove women from it. They were separated out in to a subcategory called “American Women Novelists”. Only male novelists were left in the original category. There was no separated subcategory created for men, just the women. One of the women who happened to be on the list came across the editing and noticed that she had been removed as well. She contacted other female Wikipedia writers to create Wiki pages, and soon, there were many who were quite furious in regards to the blatant example of sexism.

A Wikipedia writing service called “Get Your Wiki” can help fix the changes though. Many people hire Wiki experts through them to look out for their pages in case something like this happens. Wikipedia has rules against biased viewpoints being reflected in editing or articles that are written, so the Wiki writers for hire would be entirely within their rights to change the editing so that it reflects their accurate stance in literature. Get Your Wiki follows all Wikipedia requirements and will only do editing that falls in to their guidelines.