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Jeff Herman, the founder and managing partner of Herman Law, focuses all of his efforts to help the victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and rape victims. He is recognized around the United States, and has built a national practice through hard work and dedication as well as having represented over a 1000 clients. He has nearly three decades of experience in his chosen field of law. He fought valiantly on behalf of a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Roman Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Miami, Father Neil Doherty. Former father Neil Doherty was sentenced to 15 years for his horrific crimes. Jeff Herman was able to secure $100,000,000 for the victim.

He stresses that parents must be actively involved in their children’s online and offline activities. Being that children are so trusting and naive is one of the main reasons they are so susceptible to these types of atrocities. Children tend to feel a sense of guilt for letting it happen, or may have absolutely no idea that what is happening is wrong, twisted, and down right evil.

Jeff Herman is an active participant in his community’s programs that are focused on helping children get the education they need to prevent sexual abuse. He teaches classes for Continuing Legal Education which covers trial techniques and litigation. As well as the societal contributions listed above, Jeff Herman also been a trainer for the National Crime Victim Bar Association. His outstanding achievements have made it to the national news media scene many times over. Not only that, he has made more than a handful of television appearances as well and is qualified to work all over the United States.

He received his Bachelor of Science in 1982 from the University of Arizona. Then went on to Case Western Reserve University School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 1985. Jeff even served at the Editor of the Journal of International Law as well as holding the honored position of President of the International Law Society.