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Billionaire George Soros has recently reported by The New York Times to gave a huge sum of money with other fellow liberal donors for securing the Latino vote in the coming 2016 elections. Soros is a wise businessman and analyst who is very in tune with the economic and political landscape in America. He is currently working with other liberal individuals who want to help get Latino voters to the polls.

Starting in 2015 Soros has been active for helping democratic candidates to elected to the White House. He recently gave Hillary Clinton a $6 million donation to support her campaign and now he is giving to the Immigration Voters Win Super PAC. This particular political action committee has been created to keep Republican runner Donald Trump out of office.

The Immigration Voters Win Super PAC will be targeting the Latino population to sign up all voting age residents. This organization will especially focus on voters between the ages of 18 to 25. Signing up Latino-American voters is crucial to keeping Trump out of the White House. The fact is that Latinos are now a huge political force in the U.S. and democrats want to use their power to help win the election.

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Soros is not just going after the Latin-American population for the wrong reason. He and other super PAC supporters really do believe that it is time to use this particular segment of the population to help improve the conditions of Latinos and immigrants entering the country. Soros also knows that when the Latino population is enfranchised they can help to make the country better for all people and not just their own communities.

The Immigration Voters Win Super PAC is going to appeal to Latino voters by sending out information and going door to door to get people registered. Latino voters typically stand behind Democratic candidates and Soros is hoping that they will go and vote for Hillary Clinton. More information about Soros’s donation and the activities of the Immigration Voters Win Super PAC can be viewed in the New York Times Article article, Soros and Other Liberal Donors to Fund Bid to Spur Latino Voters.