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Seattle Genetics is a company based I the suburb of Seattle, Bothell to be precise, that deals with developing and commercializing of monoclonal antibody-based therapies for treating cancer. The latter is seen as a much more natural way of treating cancer since it uses antibodies to do it. Many people have embraced the idea because it is less invasive as compared to other methods approached when it comes to the treatment of cancer.

Unlike the traditional chemotherapy, ADCs target the cancerous cells head on, sparing the other cells from the damaging blow that the toxins deliver. And that will make it much more desirable as compared the chemo which attacks both cancerous and noncancerous cells altogether.

The renowned genetics company has also tried and tested a new drug, brentuximab voting, which is a new and improved class of ADCs that happens to be much more efficient and less invasive. This is a milestone achieved in the field of oncology, one that the company is proud of.

Some of the fifty countries that have ADCETRIS (the company drug for fighting cancer, include the United States of America, Japan, Canada as well as those that are in the European union. And since Seattle Genetics is the leader in ADCs (Antibody-Drug Conjugates in full), their drugs are trusted on a global scale as they have been tried, tested and found to be effective.

Founded back in 1997, Seattle Genetics boasts of having well over 650 employees in the united states only. Its founder, CEO, and President, Clay Siegel, is a Ph.D. in Genetics who is has dedicated his entire life to ensure that people who have cancer have a chance with a treatment that is not only effective but less intrusive. Dr. Siegall has also raised well over $675 million dollars that have been used to fund his research through private and public financing. He is also an author boasting of over 70 publications.

Apart from his coveted Ph.D. in genetics, Dr. Siegall also has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Perhaps his greatest achievement was the approval of the ADCETRIS in 2011 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But even after that, the brilliant doctor is still burning the proverbial midnight oil to ensure that he is finding new ways of curing cancer and all we can do, is wish him nothing but the best.