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When Paul Mampilly sees the size of the gains of Bitcoin, he knows that it is the calm before the storm, or more accurately, the bull market before the bear market. He knows a bubble when he sees one! Paul Mampilly, with his decades of experience with investing and managing client accounts with millions of dollars for clients such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, knows when danger is lurking. He knows when an investment is going to go wrong very soon, and he makes sure to pass on that advice to his dozens of thousands of subscribers who all eagerly await his Investor Daily articles that come out through his publisher, Banyan Hill Publishing.


In one of his recent articles, he mentions how Bitcoin has grown to over one thousand percent. He says that the last time he saw such huge gains was during 1999, at the height of the dot com mania. He had a friend who made a lot of money with dotcom stocks.

What were the dotcom companies? According to Paul Mampilly, many of them had no basis behind them. They were just companies with a website. Many of them had no profit, no revenue, no cash flow, no experience, and basically nothing to speak of except a website and a plan. Essentially, says Paul Mampilly, many of these companies were just frauds. However, says Paul Mampilly, this did not prevent his friend and thousands of others who all went in and invested a lot of money into these dotcom stocks. Follow Paul on Facebook.

It is not that they did not make money through their investments. They did, or at least they did in the beginning. However, soon enough, the crash came. At the time, Paul Mampilly was one of the few who was aware that this was going to be the bubble before the crash. He warned his friend to sell all of her assets so that she would not be ruined by the crash, which was sure to come in Paul Mampilly’s opinion, which he based on the various factors that he had done research on.

Did his friend listen to him? No, she did not. She refused to talk to him anymore. That is, until he was proven right and all the stocks started crashing. Of course, Paul Mampilly was unaffected, because he had already taken profits at the peak. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.