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Deirdre Baggot has been able to prove t the world that healthcare department is his passion which has come through a lifetime of experience. He has worked with hundreds of hospitals across the globe and has come to discover that patients mode of payment has been the most outdated of all methods in other industries.

She started her journey of Bundled payments in 1998 when she worked as a nurse at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital based in Chicago. She came to realize that she had to endure a lot of problems to a patient as a new nurse because she had to repeat the tests that had been done earlier. This alone has been a lot of bothering to suffering patients. She had to repeat the same procedure for a correct diagnosis of the patient. Read more about Deirdre Baggot on Ideamensch

Deirdre Baggot over time decided to develop a checklist which would help in marinating a patient’s data for each type of illness that the patients were diagnosed with. The checklist helped her reduce the diagnosis time as well as giving a patient the required peace of mind. It also helped in saving the patients money as well as treatment time.

Deirdre worked with a lot of motivation towards making sure that she represents and introduces bundled payments to as many hospitals as possible. As an expert in the field, she focused on how she can market the product to as many healthcare facilities as possible. Deirdre designed and also helped in implementing the strategies to more than 200 hospitals across the entire divide.

Ms. Baggot is also a great speaker who has participated in so many keynote speeches across the world. Some of the conferences and organizations she has attended in are; Bundled Payment Summit, Health Care Financial Management Association, American Heart Association, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, SAS, Medtronic as well as American College of Healthcare Executives.

Ms. Deirdre Baggot is a great scholar and has achieved tremendous results in her career journey. She possesses a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, MBA from Loyola University as well as Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Michigan.



Many of the Jeunesse products are part of the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which the company designed to assist customers in attaining their goal of improving their lifestyle. In an effort to support customers with resourceful information as well as a supportive community, Jeunesse offers Zen Project 8, a weight management and fitness program. Zen Project 8 is among the nine other outstanding products within the Y.E.S. system.

Zen Project 8 is a simplistic program that teaches customers how to incorporate better lifestyle habits and choices in order to improve their overall health. It is not a diet by any means. In fact, Zen Project 8 greatly differs from a diet-plan through its approach to empowering customers with helpful nutritional information in addition to active community support with like-minded people who are committed to attaining their health goals. Zen Bodi products are also available to support the program while participants continue with Zen Project 8.

Over the course of eight weeks, participants go through a series of phases, which starts with the detoxification process to cut out bad food choices, clean the body’s digestive system, and then finally flush the body of undesirable toxins through extensive hydration methods. Throughout all eight weeks, participants are guided with weekly webinars, coaching tips and world-class motivation by fitness and nutritional expert Mark McDonald. Mark is a best-selling fitness author and best known for his support of helping celebrities and athletes accomplish their fitness goals.

Zen Project 8 is not a one-size fit all approach towards achieving fitness and nutritional goals. At every interval, participants have exclusive access to gender-specific guides to ensure they are receiving the best advantage to accomplishing the results intended.

Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009 with the premise of helping people become empowered to reach their highest potential in life. Founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are committed to providing the best products for customers to thrive in life. As business partners for many decades, Wendy and Ray emerged from retirement in order to follow their shared passion for having a company that makes a positive difference in people’s everyday life.

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is dedicated to offering top-tier healthcare and living solutions for the elderly in society. The company aims to be able to help these people by providing them a range of assisted living services that can significantly benefit them, especially if they need round the clock supervision. Sussex Healthcare mainly caters to the elderly who have been diagnosed with a range of old age diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The company has worked hard to ensure that the kinds of services that they offer are up to the mark and in keeping with the industry standards.

Sussex Healthcare has a staff that works 24×7 to be able to provide the elderly living in their homes all the assistance that they would need to be able to live a healthy and enjoyable life. This is done, not only through the healthcare facilities that they provide but also in the way that they try to engage the elderly who are living in these facilities. The organization conducts several activities on a daily basis which work to keep the people here engaged and occupied while they are here. This encourages well being and also helps them socialize with other elders who are living in these homes.

One of the key aims of Sussex Healthcare is to be able to build a community where the elderly would want to live. Their apartment style homes that they provide the people here with make them feel at home while giving them the liberty to live their life how they would want to live it.

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Sussex Healthcare recently announced the availability of several positions within the company. These positions range from Nursing Jobs, Caretakers and Senior Positions. The complete list of available jobs has been posted on the Sussex Healthcare website for those who are looking to get a job in this field.

One of the reasons why Sussex Healthcare stands out in the sector is because of the training options that they offer to the staff working with them. If you are new to the field of healthcare or are someone who wants to grow professionally and learn more about the sector, Sussex Healthcare provides brilliant opportunities that can help you out.

As a whole, Sussex Healthcare tries its best to create a good work environment that is conducive to the growth of the company, and the people working there as well.

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People that are healthy in old age do not get stay healthy by accident. The truth is most people who live long lives do so because they were proactive in taking care of their health. That is why preventative medicine is on the rise across the country.

Though modern medicine has been able to accomplish many wonderful things in treating diseases, most studies show that catching any disease early is key to gaining control over it. In fact, today’s medicine protocols with primary and specialist doctors have a strong focus on preventative medicine as a key to health. This is because through much medical research for diseases there is conclusive evidence that early detection of disease is essential to maintaining a longer lifespan.

In order to properly diagnose and treat any potential disease with more certain results, Lifeline Screening can be essential. Lifeline Screening is categorized as a series of tests that people get as they get older to help doctors get a good view of their current health status. These tests are designed to help both patient and doctor stay alert to any health changes that could be the precursor signs to disease.

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What To Expect From A Lifeline Screening Test

When people consider their health, most would agree that preventative healthcare is far better than trying to treat the body when it is in the midst of struggling with a disease that was latent and growing unknown to patient or doctor. Lifeline Screenings for diseases such as: Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure can be essential for patients to learn about any sudden or hidden changes in their body that could be earmarks of a disease setting in. These lifeline screening tests literally save tens of thousands of lives every year across the country.

In addition to saving lives, Lifeline Screenings can add a greater quality of life. This is especially true of people who may have been struggling with symptoms and were unable to define what was causing them or how to properly treat the cause of them. When preparing for any Lifeline Screenings, patients should ask their doctor what they need to do to prepare for their upcoming tests. Each test has a set of guidelines to help patients be totally prepared for the Lifeline Screening test they are about to take. While some tests take under 30 minutes others may take longer. Patients should inquire about all the things they need to do before the test is given as well as what to expect during and after each test they are taking.


Osteo Relief Institute is an organization made up of multidisciplinary clinics located in different areas that deal with the treatment of all osteoarthritis diseases. It has a group of physical therapists and physicians who have been board certified. The clinics offer surgeries with safe and efficient therapies with little or no side effects. It uses FDA cleared and certified state-of-the-art technologies to carry out these surgeries. Each clinic is separately owned and has highly trained in patient-centered care. The clinic has invested in most advanced technology to be able to pinpoint the pain in the joint and determine whether it’s severe or minor and recommend the best possible treatment.



Arthritis though a common disease, it’s not very well understood (HealthGrades). Arthritis refers to conditions affecting the joints thus causing pain. There are 100 different kinds of arthritis and more than 50 million adults in the United States are affected. This condition is most common amongst women, and it mainly affects people as they age. It is the number one cause of disability in the U.S. The most common type of arthritis is the degenerative joint disease scientifically known as Osteoarthritis. It is mostly characterized by deterioration of the soft tissue located between the joints called cartilage.



The Osteo Relief Institute offers surgical and non-surgical methods of osteoarthritis treatment. The non-surgical methods include non-steroids anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) which provide relief for painful joint inflations. It also includes lubricating injections which mitigate the joints to provide a layer of protection from dilapidation. Physical therapy is also another non-surgical method which strengthens the lineaments, muscles, and tendons thus helping reduce and prevent arthritis from worsening.


Severely damaged joints do not respond to medication or non-surgical methods. Therefore, it’s imperative to use surgery. Arthroscopy can be used to smoothen rough surfaces and remove damaged tissues and replace them, especially on knees and hips. Osteotomy is also another method which is characterized by the removal of infected joint thus preserving the natural joint.



Osteo Relief Institute has introduced a free introductory screening for their patients to determine whether one is suffering from osteoarthritis. It has also launched the knee pain relief program to help its patients stay healthy, active and live with less or no pain after surgery. It is guided by the principle that each person deserves to try every possible available option to avoid the more aggressive and invasive procedures.