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Many people are starting to realize that the food they’ve been feeding their family dogs for years is extremely unhealthy. However, with so many food brands on the store shelves, many consumers have no idea which new food to choose. Add to that confusion, the fact that most dog food manufacturers are using the type of misleading packaging that makes Facebook consumers feel that whatever’s inside must be healthy. Most consumers these days respond to foods and products that look like they can improve their quality of life, make them feel healthier and make them look better. However, just because a dog food package shows romanticized, generic images of health and wellness, doesn’t mean that the product in the package is healthy. However, with a little know how, the best pet products are easy to discern. Beneful, is one of the healthiest pet food brands on store shelves and is available at every major grocery store, WalMart or Dollar General in your area. Beneful’s simple, direct packaging informs consumers, letting you know what the ingredients are and what recipes are recommended for what pet. In many ways, Purina Beneful’s packaging offers the same direct, simplicity a website like Google or Craigslist offers. It’s easy for any pet owner to understand that the food she’s choosing for her pet is full of vitamins, nutrients, natural foods and lean meats. In addition, there are some other pet food brands that owners are finding that their animals enjoy including Blue Buffalo and Freshpet. Blue Buffalo brands also feature simple, easy to understand packaging and a variety of healthy ingredients. You must refrigerate Freshpet foods. However, the CEO of Freshpet actually tastes the Freshpet recipes himself to guarantee that they’re healthy and fresh. One thing to consider though is that, though Freshpet and Blue Buffalo are really good brands, many retailers tend to overprice them. So when it comes to healthy pet food that anyone can afford, typically Beneful is the best option. In addition, Beneful is manufactured by the Purina Company. Purina is planning to merge with Merrick Pet Care, a company that produces organic recipes and features dishes any pet will love with ingredients like Pacific Catch fish and game birds. So, Purina and Beneful are definitely on the cutting edge.