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Jason Hope InvestorJason is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor who is base in Arizona with a burning passion for technology and giving back to his community. Jason Hope has also made contributions on Medium by writing on topics that are of his interests.

Jason Hope has worked in the technology sector in various venues e.g. research and development, developing mobile apps, gaming software, desktop applications, and devices that support connectivity and the ability of the technology to improve the human life and bring forth more ease and joy in human life. He has stated that he always looking for new ways to use technology in a way that it will benefit the world and meticulously analyzing the technology infrastructure for the potential changes. He continues to say that as futuristic, he works with business and individuals to give them the right guidance in developing a cutting edge technology achievements.

It is due to this involvement in the technology sector that he has made a prediction about the Internet of Thing. According to Jason Hope, Internet of Things will look completely different in future. He bases his argument on the fact that the browser and the real-time messaging have changed a lot since the early days of the internet. He adds that as more devices are added to the market they will adopt new approaches and the industry will be much different.

With a new approach, Internet of Things will seize from being just a catchy phrase and evolve to a new interesting technology choice. He insists that in about five years technology will bring more value beyond the smartphone, games and fitness trackers. Jason Hope notes that in future the Internet of Things will change the way people drive, by incorporating technology into vehicles that will prevent drivers from using their phones while driving this will be a normal thing in the next five years.

Jason Hope says that he is bound to fund the well being of others and believes that his assets give him a chance to do so. As an entrepreneur and businessowner, he is driven towards giving back to the community by assisting local organizations. He states that his goal is to make sure that the local community in Arizona thrives. He also gives funding to support humanitarian organizations that work the future of mankind, especially in fighting the effects of aging that would allow people to live longer, and healthier lives.

Consequently, he has made a donation to SENS Foundation, an organization that conducts research on technologies that fight age-related diseases.

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