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PSI Pay, a leading UK alternative lender, recently got into a partnership deal with KERV wearable to launch the world’s premier contactless payment platform. PSI-Pay provides payment card facilities and other digital account solutions accessible in well over 38 million different locations, globally. Thanks to the announced merger at PSI-Pay, users are now able to easily and quickly deposit and withdraw funds directly from their third-party merchants for instance, via PayPal. Alternatively, the deal would ease quicker and more convenient online shopping escapes for the users.

The Merits of using PSI Pay

Speaking in a presser soon after PSI-Pay and KERV broke the news, the Managing Director, Phil Davies sounded very upbeat and optimistic about the prospects of the virtual payment ring. Phil’s on record saying that the planned solutions promise to be the most innovative, useful and exciting alternative payment solutions ever. Kerv’s founder and president, Phil Campbell, echoed those exact sentiments by adding that the new payment devices will give more power and control to the users as happens now.

Meet the Founder

PSI-Pay’s founder went ahead to acknowledge the great challenges and difficulties, his wearable company had run into while developing the most robust, intelligent and remarkably responsive alternative payment solution method. Phil Campbell was particularly pleased and amazed, in near-equal measure, at the level of maturity and consummate professionalism PSI-Pay demonstrated all throughout the problem-solving endeavor.

Awards and Honors

The contactless payment platform by Kerv and PSI Pay has been received warmly in the marketplace. Today, the company has won a plethora of professional accolades and awards, these include, the prestigious, Temenos Innovation Jam award.

About PSI-Pay

Since 2007, PSI Pay has worked in close partnership with other Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) accredited companies to offer alternative payment processing plans to the masses. The UK-registered and licensed payment company have issued MasterCard prepaid payment debit and credit cards since 2009. In 2014, and as part of PSI-Pay’s continued global expansion plan, the firm ventured into the larger EU zone with the introduction of the PayPass program.

Services Offered

The company thrives on a noble philosophy governed by the values of integrity, transparency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. In addition to acting as a safe conduit for funds in a business or among people, PSI-Pay assists clients with pertinent financial aspects of reporting, auditing, tax and law compliance and with AML mandates. PSIis found in over 170 countries and it permits transactions involving upwards of 40 currencies. PSI Pay is regulated under the EMR or the Electronic Money Regulations Act of 2011 UK).

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Are you tired of going through the everyday motion of trying to find good news and articles that have information that is useful? If you are, then you are not alone. Everyone wishes that it was as easy as snapping their fingers to find the information that they want as well as to find good news. This article is going to be one of those articles that only contains information that is useful and news that you want to hear about.

That is because this article is about the Equities First Holdings company and what they are doing right now. The EFH company is at the moment making deals with ETC company to make partners with them. Of course, they are also going to be providing the company with funding for big projects that will hopefully help both companies to become bigger and better as not only individual companies, but also as companies that are combined.

James Dondero is a Dallas business leader who has bachelor’s degrees in both finance and accounting. The school he earned these at was the McIntire School of Commerce located on the campus of the University of Virginia. He graduated with the school’s highest honors which are Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gama Sigma.

After graduating, his first professional job occurred at the banking giant JP Morgan. This was in 1984 and he was an analyst in their training program. A year later he left to take a position at American Express. His first position at this company was as a corporate bond analyst and later on he became a portfolio manager. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

In 1989, James Dondero left American Express when he was hired by Protective Life. He was their chief investment officer and his task was to establish their GIC subsidiary. In just four years he built this subsidiary up from nothing to being worth over $2 billion. After this accomplishment, he teamed up with Mark Okada and Protective life to found a company that is now called Highland Capital Management L.P. Years ago he and Okada bought out Protective Life interest in this company and they now wholly own the company. Visit to know more about James.

James Dondero is also a leader at other companies around Dallas as well. At NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. he is the president and chairman of the board. Meanwhile, he also serves as the chairman for three other local companies, CCS Medical, Inc., Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, Inc., and NexBank Capital, Inc. For two other companies he serves on their boards which are MGM Holdings, Inc. and Jernigan Capital, Inc.

Under James Dondero’s leadership, Highland Capital Management has been called one of the best places to work in Dallas. The Dallas Business Journal made a list of the best places to work in the city in 2015 which was comprised of firms with employees numbering between 50 and 249 and his company was on the list. When talking about this listing, Dondero said that having a quality workforce that enjoyed their jobs was a priority at his company.


As a company that helps consumers deal with their debt, Freedom Debt Relief has helped more than 400,000 people reduce or eliminate the money they owe. Freedom Debt Relief reviews say that most people have had a very positive experience with the company and getting their finances back under control.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews include a Gary S. who was one of the company’s actual clients. He says that he was in over his head when it came to his debt. He advises that other people in the same circumstances don’t wait and instead contact this company so that they get onto the path of recovery. He says that the company helped him and he believes they can help others as well.

Rita J. was also a person who left a Freedom Debt Relief reviews opinion. She says that getting rid of her debt was a great relief and a burden off her shoulders. She says that others would experience the same by eliminating their debt which has grown overly burdensome. She advises that people move forward on getting the help they need in order to resolve their debt.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews were also left my Julie M. who said that she was pleased with her experience and she has recommended the company’s services to friends and family she knows who are also experiencing high levels of debt that they can’t get out from under on their own.

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