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The RealReal is your stop for in-the-now fashion accessories. Even though The RealReal has accessories, they are widely known foe their fashionable clothing. Since it was founded, The RealReal as grown to make about $170 million! Women have been reported to browse The RealReal site regularly. Even though you are shopping online, that item can become unavailable if someone physically tags the item.

The inside of the store was done by interior designer, Courtney Applebaum. There are luxurious couches that you can sit and wait on while your items are being appraised. You can find a coffee shop which is located downstairs and weekly events and workshops that specialize in spotting things that are fake. Things like fake designer hand bags and Channel items. These are items that people normally buy thinking it’s authentic and they typically purchasing because they are at a much lower price than the real designer apparel.

In the center of the floor there is a collaborator-curated space. Here is where clothes swoosh out and one friend explained the sensation as incredibly erotic. In the film, “Lady Bird,” the titular character and her mother are seen arguing near an expensive rack of clothes in a thrift store. As their argument continues, her mother reaches for this peachy vintage dress, and then asks her ,”Do you love it?” Lady Bird says she loves it and then they both become loving friend and have seemed to have forgotten all about their argument. Here we are shown the power of fashion.

A new assurance of luxury fashion resale value shows that The RealReal has grown beyond it’s state on inactivity. There was a report that a woman was sold something what was’t what the site said it was. The RealReal of course said there was a misprint on the site and deny any wrongdoings.