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The actress Kate Hudson is a great example for good health, great skin and an active lifestyle Her advocacy for physical fitness and a healthy regime made her collaboration with Fabletics the obvious next step along her travels.


In 2013 Kate Hudson added entrepreneur to her already impressive list of titles. As an actor, parent, health advocate. Kate Hudson has been rapidly making a name for herself as a business icon in the clothing world with her insistence upon stylishness, quality and, above all, an affordable price point. Kate Hudson’s focus on fine tuning membership offerings and creating a robust customer service team enabled Fabletics, by launching brick and mortar stores, to become a popular brand and well-known brand. The impressive rise of Fabletics has been challenging some of the big name retailers as the go to source for attractive and comfortable activewear.


The creation of their LIfestyle Quiz has given Fabletics a powerful tool to respond nimbly to customer demands, and now, coupled with the reverse showroom technique has allowed the brand to use their physical locations to encourage members to find the perfect fit and look, adding these items to their membership profile, and allowing Fabletics to keep abreast of their members preferences. This data allows Fabletics to respond by providing stores with appropriate inventory based upon local leisure and physical fitness habits. It also encourage the growth of new memberships by the casual shoppers. Kate Hudson’s focus on her customers wants and their convenience has been the cornerstone of the Fabletics model and the secret to its success.


The first step in taking advantage of the Fabletics experience is to complete the Lifestyle Quiz, from there Fabletics will provide clothing recommendations unique to you and your activities. Inspired by Kate Hudson’s full and active schedule, the Fabletics membership is designed to conveniently update ones clothing one month at a time, with choices geared toward your personal lifestyle and habits, with fresh and fun styles that Kate Hudson has approved.


Now offering casual clothing, swimwear and shoes, Kate Hudson has turned Fabletics into a convenient, affordable service and by taking the Lifestyle quiz, Fabletics ensures that their services remain customized to their members.

A lot of people may say that the easiest way to connect with someone is to have a walk in their shoes. Whitney Wolfe was a single woman that was presenting a dating app to other single people. This was obviously the perfect thing for someone that had already going through the trials and errors of trying to find the right mate.

This is one of the reasons that people have embraced what Whitney Wolfe was bringing to Bumble. They knew that she could relate because she was single herself. She knew what it was like to agonize over connecting with someone without any help.

Her desire to date and help others that wanted to date as well would be the thing that fueled Bumble. As time progressed Whitney Wolfe would grow personally and she would also have a desire to grow her company as well. This may have been the thing that led to many changes when it came to Bumble. People that know anything about Bumble are well aware that the app is expanding and growing in a tremendous way. It is not the same company anymore because Whitney Wolfe felt that there was some growing to be done. The same can be said of her personal life.

Whitney Wolfe became the champion of dating apps for women, but she would move on and find the right person. She recently got married in the Amalfi Coast, and this is a testament to just how much she has grown as a person in the last several years.

This shows that she has grown in her personal life, but she has also managed to provide a lot of change for her company as well. Her wedding was a joyous one that was held on the Amalfi Coast. She married her fiance Michael Herd and pictures were posted on her Twitter account to give people an inside look at the reception and the elegant wedding dress.

If these pictures do anything at all it actually is something that makes people hopeful. A lot of people are going to embrace what they see as a surefire sign that there still a chance for love. Whitney Wolfe has always been vocal about the fact that she went through bad relationships and that led to a stage in her life where she was single, but she has emerged victoriously as a new blushing bride.

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Amazon owns over a fifth of the fashion industry online today, so it’s no easy task to compete with them. However, Fabletics by Kate Hudson is doing just that, having grown a whopping $250 million in the last 3 years already. They’re riding the wave of the new activewear trend sweeping the nation. By leveraging subscriptions, the brand allows customers to conveniently order again and again, in an attempt to satisfy the aspiration of attaining the feelings associated with the clothing. This makes a great combo.


Fabletics is dominating their sector and growing quickly thanks to using the principles of scale, data, customization, authenticity, quality, and affordability. Specifically, they call this the reverse showroom model. In this day and age, it seems everyone is always on their smartphones or another online device. Fabletics uses this by collecting shopping data, social media sentiments, and global fashion trends.


They analyze this data and determine where to start a physical store, called a “pop-up” store due to its temporary nature. The items that are stocked in the store will be determined by what the local market wants, based on their search history. That way, when a customer walk in, they’re likely already a member because they actually found out about the store online first and browsed. And they’re more likely to sign up as a member and order clothes in the future.


And because they are so committed to quality and customer service, the brand rapidly grew. They grew over 100% in 2014, and almost 50% in 2016. Over 1.2 million members proudly purchased Fabletics gear in 2017, which is significant in retail and represented a 600% increase over the previous year.


Their meteoric rise to success is surprising to many in the industry. This is because the genre in which it operates, called “athleisure,” has historically been overpriced, not stylish, and low quality. But the founders of Fabletics, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg, wanted to change the game. However, to change it, they knew they needed a partner. Their first natural choice was Kate Hudson.


The reasons are that she is so approachable, she’s funny, and she leads an active lifestyle. Kate isn’t just a pretty face to attach to the brand, either. She has been heavily involved in crucial decisions from the start. These include budget meetings, social media strategies, and more. Her sharp eye for fashion helped the team select designs that would really resonate with the modern female. She even has her eyes on the sales numbers on a weekly basis.


Kate Hudson weighed in herself. She wanted to make sure that communication was a top priority. They improved their customer service, changed their technology to ensure their inventory was well kept, and in about a year and a half time span they earned a top rating from the BBB and improved their score for customer satisfaction. Still, she identifies as “an actor, through and through,” while enjoying her business success.

People are going to be interested in building a better dating app will be interested in what Whitney Wolfe offers. She is constructing creative dating app community for the number of millennials that are interested in something outside of what they are currently accustomed to.

As someone that has made the list of the Top 30 Under 30 for Forbes magazine Whitney Wolfe has become a professional in the dating app industry. She has proven that there is a demand for something different than what is currently available. When it comes to staying innovative Whitney Wolfe may be taking things to a new level. She is actually opening up a physical space in New York to open a new space.

The fact that there is a physical location for people to meet while take this dating app to a whole new level. There has never been this level of innovation dating app world, but Whitney Wolfe is not one that is sitting around and doing what the other dating app developers are doing. She is a young CEO, and she is starting to formalize a whole new method of dating.

Bumble is always in the news because Whitney Wolfe is always coming up with something new. She is doing all types of things that have never been done before. The Bumble space that she is starting up with have a place for coffee. She also plans to have a bar inside of the physical space. There will even be Bumble merchandise that is being sold in this brick-and-mortar location.

Whitney Wolfe has put New York in place as her starter location, but she has a desire to expand into more locations as time goes on. This is just another step in making app more people aware of the Bumble brand. She has certainly become well known with young adults, but there is a good chance that middle-aged people will also take interest in what she is doing. The app is growing, and the buzz is outstanding for this app that has only been around for a short time.

There are many people shopping with Fabletics who notice items in their new stores that they saw online. The reverse showroom concept ensures that customers who became familiar with a company online will recognize items from the company when they walk into a brick and mortar store. This article explains how the concept works, and the company has grown their brand to the level of opening new stores using this concept.


#1: New Stores


There are many new stores about to be opened by Fabletics, and the brand will open up 100 new stores in North America. Anyone who comes into their stores will see clothes that they found online, and they will find supplementary clothes that they may wear with their wardrobe. The wardrobe that is worn every day from the Fabletics line will make women look good, and they may interchange their clothes any time they like.


#2: New Clothes


New clothes are often found in stores from Fabletics that will match up with the clothing they sell online. Expanding their offerings in the store is quite helpful for the company, and they may reach out to new people who have not been on their website before. someone who is new to the Fabletics experience may find all they need in the store, and they will go back to the website to shop further.


#3: Kate Hudson’s Vision


Kate Hudson has a vision for the brand that everyone appreciates, and it is a vision that she supports by appearing in all the commercials for her brand. She is the consistent image and face of her brand, and she is creating clothes that will work for the busy mom that she is. She wishes to support ladies who leave the house every day with many things to do, and her clothes may be worn for a number of purposes while a woman checks things off her to-do list.


The Fabletics brand is the perfect brand of clothing for women who have a busy schedule to keep. They will benefit quite a lot from this brand, and they will feel more beautiful when they get dressed in the morning. Getting ready for the day is quite simple when a woman is wearing this brand, and she will begin to change her image to meet her needs. Her favorite color and favorite style is available somewhere in the Fabletics line of clothes.

The center of everything Ressler and Goldenberg do is Techstyle. Techstyle is the parent company for the various online stores the duo operates and the business models for the stores centers around it. Essentially, Techstyle specializes in bringing Big Data analysis to fashion in order to give customers exactly what they want. That personalized shopping experience on Crunchbase is why the pair have managed to create such vast fortunes and maintain their dominance of the market over the years.

The Strength Of Star Power
The online stores Ressler and Adam Goldenberg run have succeeded in part through the use of celebrity talent. First, they asked Kimora Lee Simmons to join them for JustFab. Her celebrity status alone helped the website immensely, but it was her business acumen that really stood out. Simmons makes herself available at the JustFab office 5 days a week and is committed to making sure the website reaches its full potential. Similarly, Fabletics has made full use of Kate Hudson’s talent to advance the website on These women have made these online stores into household names able to compete like nothing else.

Reaching Out To The Real World
Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have dominated online retail, but they haven’t stopped there. Currently, they are busy turning Fabletics into a chain of brick and mortar stores. The business model of Fabletics worked well online, but it appears Fabletics is enjoying even more success as a physical location. Customers can still receive the same personalized care the websites are known for, but there is now the added benefits of buying something and taking it home the same day. There are only 6 physical locations for JustFab, but the duo intend to open up more than 100 over the next 5 years.

Pioneers Of The Web
Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done this line of work for nearly 2 decades. They were there in the early days of online retail as pioneers working for Intermix, but they they continue to stay at the forefront of everything new and innovative in the business of the worldwide web.

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FTBC (Fashion Targets Breast Cancer) is all about breast cancer awareness and is partnering with Kate Hudson to make sure that more people become aware of breast cancer. Although most people know a person who has been affected by breast cancer, some people don’t, which is why additional awareness is necessary on. Kate Hudson has chosen to partner with the FTBC by creating clothing that will be sold in a direct effort to raise funds for the company. FTCC was a project that was created by Ralph Lauren in the late 90s, and it’s become very successful in the years following its creation.

Fashion creators of Fabletics, as well as those that sell fashionable clothes, will join with FTBC in order to create clothing or to help bring awareness to the breast cancer cause. Kate has put together a great three-piece set that is pink in color and has a sports bra, a tank top, and Capri pants, which all will be sold in a set to bring additional monies in that will support the FTBC foundation. Since pink is the color that’s always used to bring awareness to breast cancer, Kate is sticking to the pink color but is making it slightly deeper and off-color, compared to the typical pink color that’s used with most clothing or products for breast cancer awareness.

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Those who want to purchase the three-piece set can find it in the Fabletics store or in the online store, or they may choose to buy the products in one of the events that Kate will be hosting specifically for the FTBC foundation. Fabletics has been around for over three years now and has grown so much in popularity that they’ve zoomed passed the one million member mark. No one is required to be a member to purchase anything from Fabletics, but those who have become members will enjoy low priced products and many savings as well as rewards. Anyone who is a member must pay a monthly membership fee of $49.95, but the membership fee is spendable and is not held onto by Fabletics.

Those who want to spend their membership fee in the store can purchase anything that’s within the $49.95 price range, or add additional monies to cover a purchase of anything that goes over the membership fee price. Many enjoy the Fabletics company, especially since they have different clothing added to the site on a regular basis. Fabletics has also recently opened up several stores to allow their customers to shop in a physical store as opposed to only shopping online. Those who continue to shop with Fabletics can find some of the best athletic wear for a lot less than Fabletics’ competitors are charging.

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It has become much easier to figure out what you are going to wear to the gym tomorrow. Men and women across the United States now have the option to have their athletic outfits picked for them, treatment that will undoubtedly cause many to feel like celebrities. A new company  has emerged and has been making waves and garnishing the attention both the media and the public alike with their fresh new approach to athletic attire.

An online retailer named Fabletics has emerged, specializing in sporty attire and accessories for women. Fabletics calls it “athleisure”. The company gives its members outfits personalized for them based on their workout and lifestyle choices. Fabletics is part of the company formerly known as JustFab, which has recently been re-branded as TechStyle Fashion Group.

The Story

Fabletics was started in 2013 as a collaboration between Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

The trio also created FL2, a collaboration between Kate Hudson and her brother, Oliver Hudson, who is also an actor. The company is growing steadily, and has added both dresses and swim suits to their inventory. Fabletics is constantly gaining more attention as they utilize marketing techniques that are somewhat unconventional. The companies marketing efforts directly target their competitor, Luluemon and use a lot of film from Kate Hudson’s personal cell phone.

Fabletics has opened their first brick and mortar locations starting in September of 2015. Several malls operated by Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc. have opened their doors to the company. Some of these locations include Columbia at The Mall, Cincinnati’s Kenwood Towne Centre, and even the St. Louis Galleria. Other locations include the Woodland Hills Village at Topanga and the Summerlin Shopping Center in Vegas.

Forbes reported that they expect to expand even further within the next 5 years. As many as 100 new brick and mortar more locations are planned.


VIP Membership with Fabletics requires a monthly subscription of $49.95. Member retain the opportunity to put their membership on hold for a month without the need to pay that month’s membership dues. New members are asked to fill out a questionnaire that tells Fabletics which outfits and accessories you are likely to use and enjoy the most. Each month, Fabletics provides their members with a new outfit chosen specifically for them and their athletic and fashion needs, based on the information provided in the survey.