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Introducing Bob Reina the CEO and Founder
Bob Reina is the CEO and the Founder of Talk Fusion. He is 100 percent committed to this company and to every customer. He enjoys success and he believes that it is within your reach. He found a better way to foster communication while building relationships.

30 Days For Free
Talk Fusion can help your business.The size of your business does not matter because every business needs customers. Talk Fusion can help your business to create solid connections with video communication products. These are products that benefit with the use of video. This includes video email, newsletters, meetings and video chat. This free trial of the Talk Fusion products is taking the entire world by storm. Get excited with these products and experience a boost in your business. This is an all-in-one marketing solution that you should not pass up. This is an affordable solution that equals success. Catch the eyes of your customers with Talk Fusion products that will hold the attention of every customer. Your entire marketing experience will be transformed and enhanced. Enjoy the free 30 day trial and take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Every Business Can Benefit
Talk Fusion will give every business the opportunity to enjoy a competitive advantage. Allow Talk Fusion to assist you with your customer relationships. Video emails and the many other video products will amaze your customers. Your customers will love the personal touches that come with these products. A custom template will match your brand. Real time tracking will let you know who is interested in your business. Talk Fusion offers products that are simple to use. Save time and money while building better relationships.

Bob Reina and a Vision for Success
Bob Reina has a favorite phrase that he loves to chant loudly and clearly. Bob Reina is known to tell others to bring all of their dreams to Talk Fusion and their team. Allow them to do all of the rest for you. Making your dreams come true with the Talk Fusion products is a solid vision that Bob Reina takes seriously.



White Shark Media, the marketing consultancy was founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs with each of them having vast experience in the domain of online and offline Marketing. Their goal was to deliver services and products that were unprecedented.

Today after more than 5 years of growth, the firm has been expanding to the three countries and other international countries with their excellence in the domain of Bing Ads, Google Analytics, AdWords Search and Display Advertising. After collaboration with Google, the firm was awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership.

Complaints against White Shark Media

Clutch As per the Spokesperson at White Shark Media, it takes some time for a Start-up to deliver its services with minimal errors. All the complaints and compliments against White Shark Media are taken seriously and with influence the growth of error resistant measures.

According to the White Shark Media, the complaints regarding their inadequate services, an absence of contact person, non-delivery of service on-time, campaigns failures, were all involved. As per a complaint filed by the anonymous person, it was reported that the firm priory didnÕt have transparent communication between the client and the contact person.

The complaints were taken seriously and now they have deployed direct extensions system which will connect the client directly to the concerned person. On Shopify article posited that the other regarding the New campaign failure where the client had a successful old campaign was taken into consideration and now to resolve this issue, White Shark Media uses all the successful campaigns of clients clubbed with their respective former campaigns meaning which the client would see an inclination on the paradigm shift for sales and revenue generation.

To resolve the issue of bad communication, the firm has incorporated GoToMeeting tool in the plan which takes place every month and discusses the past 30 days reports and reviewed by the SEM Strategist and the Client for transparent and effective working plan. Acting on a complaint against the AdWords Performance, the firm has introduced call tracking where each of the clients is provided with Marchex Call tracking number on sign up.

The Future of White Shark Media

Effectively resolving each complaint garner effective strategy for all its clients. Setting up an error resistant campaign takes time and so it the firm to build its error free reputation. While resolving a plethora of complaints, the firm has launched series of features to enhance productivity and boost sales. Being a small growing Marketing Agency, White Shark Media helps the clients by enhancing SMB’s business online.