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Children’s brains are like sponges. They soak up all incoming information and their brain’s are capable of developing abilities at a young age. No one has ever thought to teach a child this, at least not in a formalized way because it just is, like how the sky is just blue. However, according to psychology Professor Carol Dweck’s research, informing kids of their brain’s incredible capabilities, will actually encourage them “to approach learning as a challenge they are ready to face”(Schwartz); which will change students perceptions of themselves as learners, something known as growth mindset.

ClassDojo has teamed up with Standford’s Project for Education Research That Scales Center (PERTS)to create a communication platform in which teachers share videos, texts, and photos of their student’s skills and accomplishments with parents. In order to communicate the message of growth mindset to their students, ClassDojo has put together five videos that will impart the message in an interesting and engaging way for children. Not only are the videos offered to teachers, but they are offered to the public for free, so even parents have accessibility to them. This will empower parents and teachers to take an active role in implementing this ground-up change of teaching.

As well as helping students, ClassDojo hopes to gain knowledge from studying the way in which teachers already initiate this message in their teaching practices and how effective the changes are when the five videos are thrown into the mix. It is not only a learning opportunity for students, but an opportunity to research the empowerment of growth mindset further. ClassDojo will gain important knowledge on the way in which children learn.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and is a communication platform that fosters positive relationships within the community between teachers, parents, and students alike. It is used to build specific positive behavior in students by allowing teachers to communicate with students and parents daily through an app. The fact that 2/3 of all U.S. schools and teachers in 180 countries use ClassDojo is a testament to how effective their method really is.

ClassDojo is based in San Francisco and its executive director is Dave Paunesku. The team consists of engineers, designers, and educators around the world, some of who have worked with sites like Facebook and Google as well as in charter and public schools.


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