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A mother of three, Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes (GSH), a company that provides disaster relief solutions. Before joining GSH, Barbara worked at Boeing and Pisces Corporation where she gained extensive experience in management and leadership which continue to influence her leadership style at GSH. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Mercer University. While at the university, Stokes took an interest in learning other subjects such as technical communication, thermodynamics, properties, management, structures of materials and manufacturing. Barbara applies the knowledge she acquired from these fields at GSH through the provision of autonomous engineering and leadership of in-house projects. Besides work and family, Barbara spends time in active volunteering of charity activities in Huntsville. Read this article at

Based in Huntsville, Alabama, GSH has more than three decades of experience in development, inspection, leadership, foundation, installation, and planning. The company provides services such as manufacturing, designing and delivering mobile and modular homes to victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. GSH homes are constructed off-site but take only a few days to be established. For example after the historic hurricane that hit Texas, Green Structured Homes partnered with FEMA to provide relief to tens of thousands of victims affected by the catastrophe. GSH successfully assisted the residents of Texas, and as a result, FEMA awarded the independent disaster management company a contract to expand their operation in Florida, Minnesota, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina and Virginia.

Green structured homes are mildew resistant, energy efficient, environment-friendly and can withstand hurricanes rated up to 130mph. Also, the designs are not only customizable, but they also come with one or two multiple bedroom family units with kitchens and bathrooms. In case of a fire outbreak, the modular homes have a water sprinkler system for safety measures. Other advantages of GSH homes include reduced energy bills and low maintenance costs. Victims of natural disasters also pay reasonable premiums for their homes.


Barbara Stokes together with her husband Scott Stokes (COO) at GSH, are firm believers in supporting local talent. The two, usually hire local human capital to construct the homes and they prefer buying things from local businesses rather than importing them. For example, Green House Structured Homes intends to create thousands of jobs that will benefit residents of 8 states including Alabama, North Carolina, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Louisiana. Read more about Barbara Stokes at