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By using innovative and world-class marketing strategies, White Shark Media review assists small enterprises to grow and to compete effectively with their competitors. In the business world, the key determinants of the success of every business are the advertising and the branding techniques that the marketing team uses. White Shark Media has been helping growing and medium businesses for decades. They handle complaints from their clients professionally. They use them to build a strong foundation of the company by solving the customers’ problems diligently.

Andrew Lolk is the CMO and the co-founder of the White Shark Media Company. His primary role as the CMO of the firm is to develop the brand name of the company and increase its recognition globally. He is also a reliable specialist in Google AdWords. He helps big and small enterprises in creating productive Google AdWords accounts to boost their businesses online. Gary Garth is the CEO and also the co-founder of the company, who possesses fantastic leadership skills. He motivates the staff members of the firm to serve their clients with respect and dignity.

The positive testimonials of the customers of the White Shark Media are enough evidence that the company satisfies their needs by offering fantastic marketing solutions. White Shark Media is successfully gaining global recognition because, in August 2016, it was on the list of the fastest growing startups in North America. Within the last three years, the growth rate of the company has been over 730%, recording revenue of over $7.3 million.

White Shark Media is an elite partner with Google and Bing. The partnership makes it a reliable company for the small businesses because it helps them in marketing their brand names. Additionally, they offer productive tips to small business on how to generate more traffic online, which helps them to earn through content marketing. It is among the best companies in the world that offer excellent advisory support to entrepreneurs. The leader of the Pet Services Company, based in the USA, Bob S. testified that their enterprise recorded high profitability by making more sales after they decided to seek marketing solutions from White Shark Media.

Thousands of entrepreneurs seek the services of the company every day. They have SEO experts who assist people and firms in bringing the bad articles down on the Google platform. The strategy helps in increasing the Google ranking of the clients’ enterprises, which enable them to attract more customers and improve profitability. Therefore, White Shark Media Company is the perfect solution for small and large businesses that want to make more profits by having an excellent online reputation.

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White Shark Media is a boutique firm focusing on giving online marketing solutions to business across the world. Though it was founded only in 2011, it has already helped thousands of small and medium sized companies in achieving their goals through their innovative online marketing tactics. They have more than 500 active clients at point in time with a retention rate of almost 10%. This is a stupendous achievement considering the fact that most companies do not opt for online marketing consulting once they have achieved their goals

White Shark Media offers its clients a boutique of products. In the era of big data and analytics, having Google Analytics integration is a big plus. They also help clients keep track of their competitors by providing data on them through competitive intelligence studies. Also a part of the package is a propriety visualization software. Visualization software are of paramount importance as the clients might get lost in the plethora of data provided to them. Good visualizations presents the data in a ready to consume format. It comes a no surprise that the company has opened offices in three countries and has expanded to 150+ employees in such a short span of time.

However, the biggest shot in the arm for the company was when they were selected by Google to be a Google Ad-words Premium SMB Partner. White Shark Media is among only a total of 29 companies in the US which have been awarded with this distinction by Google. The accreditation talks highly of the relationship between White Shark Media and Google but also speaks volumes about the quality that the company provides to its clients as the selection process for the accreditation is very rigorous.

The second largest player in the search engine industry, Bing, has also accredited White Shark Media as authorized resellers of Bing ads.

Finally, since it is exclusively targeting small and medium scale businesses White Shark Media cannot and does not charge exorbitant prices to its clients. Engagement with such a firm is in fact more of a profit center than cost center as most small companies just invest blindly in Adwords without knowing how well they are spending their money and firms like White Shark Media can help them monetize their dollars spent on Adwords.

Darius Fisher penned an interesting article about his company, Status Labs, in The Huffington Post. Fisher provided a short bio of his company’s early days. Status Labs is a public relations firm and, ironically, the company was almost derailed by its own reputation crisis.

An executive who was employed at the company did something that brought a great deal of negative press onto the firm. Even though Status Labs was not directly involved with the incident, the company’s name was dragged into the mess. And the situation absolutely can be described as a mess. A lot of really bad – and frequent – media publicity swarmed the company.

To say this had the potential for sinking the company would be an understatement. Bad publicity does not draw in new customers. Talented employees do not want to be associated with a scandal. Therein was another problem the firm had to deal with. Employees quit when the negative media buzz got hot.

Darius Fisher and others in charge of Status Labs new something had to be done. The troubled executive parted ways with the company. Soon after, Status Labs went to work on making the workplace a highly positive one for loyal employees.

Additionally, the firm went to work on contributing to the local community. Joint ventures with other companies were formed to help out various charities and causes. In addition to doing good in the community, Status Labs was able to improve on a damaged reputation. By showing the charitable side of the company, the media and the public began to realize the firm was home to a lot of good people.

Things have been going steadily uphill these days.

Status Labs has grown to an incredible degree since the company has founded a few short years ago. A few well-publicized clients have helped with the cause. Revenues are up dramatically as a result.

Some may recall Status Labs represented the University of Missouri professor who was caught up in a controversial protest and video recording media firestorm. Status Labs has helped scores of other clients with their reputation management woes are is sure to continue to amass an impressive array of clients.

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As the technology and the Internet grow, why not use the best communication tools developed for users online? A recent research study conducted by the Relevancy Group found that by using videos, both email marketing campaigns and the revenue associated with them has increased by 40 percent.

The same study also reported that videos increase open rates by 20 percent and increase click-through rates by up to three times what you are getting without using videos.

Talk Fusion is an international video company that now ranks as the eighth largest video content producer internationally. As one of the top video companies, they predict that 90 percent of communication online will be with videos by the year 2017.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reiner. In 2005, Mr. Reiner wanted to send a 10-second video in an email message to his family and friends, but he couldn’t find anyone who could do it. He thought that he and a friend of his who was a genius in technology could develop a way to send videos. Two years later, Talk Fusion was born and now it has become a leading video company producing crystal clear videos for millions of people worldwide.

Talk Fusion has programs for personal or business use. There are many different ways to use videos on Talk Fusion including face-to-face chatting availible for any tech device, live meetings uniting business conferences, video emailing, meetings with your friends on social media venues, and an intuitive scheduler to plan your next meetings along with a real-time analytics to assist in your marketing efforts.

One of the main features in the Talk Fusion package are Video Newsletters, which are targeted for promotions, coupons and the latest news of your community. Video Newsletters create an interesting centerpice for marketing.

Talk Fusion is excited for you to see how incredible their video service is, so they are inviting you to try it for 30 days with no credit card entries. Simply, go to Talk, and click on “Try it Free.” There is no risk involved, and the system is very user-friendly even for those using videos for the first time.