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Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and futurist whose interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) has been growing steadily. He is aware that there are huge tech advances that are taking place in the world today, and he is working to spread the word about them. The IoT refers to the spread of household items, gadgets, devices, and anything else that is enhanced or changed by being connected to the internet. Some of these include vehicles, tablets, cell phones, home appliances, and more. It has been estimated that there will soon be more than 30 million objects that are a part of the IoT, and this means the world is changing rapidly. Read more about Jason Hope on Crunchbase.

Jason Hope has written an eBook that covers the Iot for the layperson, and it is titled, “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” Inside of the book, Hope starts out by offering a very clear explanation of what the IoT is. Most people think that it has to do only with devices and computers. This is not the case because even airlines are beginning to incorporate the technology into their operations. Hope also covers all of the positive benefits that the Iot will be bringing to our world and how it will affect society. He decided to also cover some of the possible downsides of the Iot, which include manageable security risks. He also covers how to people will be able to use the IoT to make their lives easier

Jason Hope is excited about the rapidly changing technology that is continually being introduced to the world. He believes that a lot of it will help society in new ways that we could have never imagined. His new book is available as an eBook, which can be found on Amazon, and he hopes that many people will pick a copy up so they can stay informed. In today’s world, new technologies and gadgets are becoming an ever-growing part of our lives, and the IoT is just the beginning.

Jason Hope was born in Arizona, and he studied at Arizona State University where he received a degree in finance. He went on to attend the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business and earned his MBA in the process. Hope serves his community as a philanthropist and also mentors high school seniors and college students. It is his hope, that he can contribute to making the world a better place by pursuing his passion for technology.



One of the significant comprehensive financial services providers in the United States is Southridge Capital. The company has helped many individuals achieve their financial goals with ease through the expert guidance they provide. Over the last few years, the company has worked closely with many of the middle and small sized companies that are primed for growth. It is essential that people continue to explore new financial opportunities from time to time to help their investments grow. However, not many people are aware of the different investment opportunities and products that continue to enter the market. Southridge Capital has helped many middle market companies to reach their real potential by providing them with finance.


Southridge Capital has funded more than three hundred companies so far, and it continues to help the prospective companies with financing. The prime aim of the company is to strengthen their presence in the field of finance and provide an innovative financial solution to its clients. The corporate advisory services offered by Southridge Capital are popular among the corporate circle, mainly because it is based on research. There are many different companies out there that claim to provide comprehensive financial services, but Southridge Capital is amongst the well-reviewed firms in the industry. You can checkout their facebook page for more details.


Every year, Southridge Capital spends millions on investments in different companies that are primed for growth, especially in the real estate sector. Southridge recently posted an article online about how people should not take cryptocurrencies lightly as it is slotted to grow. The domination of cryptocurrencies has already started worldwide, and there are millions of retail points that have already begun to using cryptocurrencies. For companies that are looking for any corporate advice can consult with the financial experts at Southridge Capital. If you are looking to take your company public or need funding for expansion, seeking the help of the experts at Southridge Capital would be beneficial. They would also help you understand the compliant guidelines so that you can keep your company compliant with the federal laws. Whether you are looking for funding or need advice with corporate issues, rest assured Southridge Capital would be there by your side to assist you professionally. To see more you can checkout their twitter account.


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This high-end market in which JHSF navigates, more than a showcase of extravagances and rampant consumerism of the privileged in the Brazilian social pyramid, is today an important sector of the national economy. It’s estimated to have moved $ 4 billion last year. A launching of the size of Parque Cidade Jardim involves astronomical figures in each detail of its structure. Merely to remove seventy households from a nearby favela, JHSF spent 2.8 million reais.

Each shack went for 40,000 reais. To construct over the limit permitted for the area, the company bought 50 million reais in certifications of further construction possible (Cepacs), which are being used at the functions of a bridge across the Pinheiros River. But it isn’t only the building of this Garden City that accredits Zeco Auriemo to win the title of this new king of this city’s luxury. At the end of last year, he invested 16 million reais to be a member of the Fasano hotel series. About a month ago, he signed a deal with Daslu so that the boutique of Eliana Tranchesi open shops in shopping centers that JHSF intends to develop in Brazil.

Additionally, he launches an AAA course allotment at Porto Feliz in September and purchased place in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where he will create a job in precisely the exact same manner. At age 31, whose pronounced hair thinning makes her look a bit more, her expansion plans don’t stop there. “We are going to do open and malls hotels in other Brazilian capitals and in a number of the world’s metropolises,” he promises. “I see Zeco involved in a lot of matters, as long past, I forget he is so young,” says partner Rogério Fasano.JHSF doesn’t reside in luxury independently.

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Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Officer for Investments and Founder of Kerrisdale Management of Capital. Sahm is associated with all parts of the company’s functions since its establishment in 2009. Sahm Adrangi is recognized for publishing and short selling research. Mr. Sahm explains his organization’s perspectives on the stock, like, overrated shorts and under-followed longs, which are commonly misconstrued in the market. His company’s research looks to rectify comprehensively held misinterpretations concerning different organizations’ major prospects in business. Adrangi’s company shares its exploration on Twitter and its website.

Sahm Adrangi first became famous through revealing and shorting corrupt Chinese organizations, for example, China Group for Marine Food, Lihua International and China-Biotics between 2010 and 2011. A few of Sahm’s targets, like ChinaCast Corp Education and China Alliance Education, ended up becoming victims to actions of enforcement from Exchange and Security Commission. As of late Sahm Adrangi has concentrated the company’s endeavors on a few particular divisions where Kerrisdale organization has benefited from expertise development. Sector of Biotechnology has been a territory of focus, where the company has made its research published concerning organizations like Therapeutics, Bavarian, Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences, Unilife and many others.

Sahm Adrangi began his vocation in financial credit, carrying out leveraged loans debt and high yield finances at the Bank of Deutsche. He promoted lender committees advisory group in out-of-court and bankruptcy at Partners in Chanin Capitals. In addition to his experience in banking investment, Sahm spent some years at Longacre Management which was a multi-billion-dollar fund distressed in hedge debt. Sahm Adrangi graduated from the University of Yale with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Bachelor of Arts).

Kerrisdale Capital issued a report which was negative concerning Proteostasis Therapeutics and announced the schedule of conference-call. Kerrisdale trusts that cystic-fibrosis drug of Proteostasis Therapeutics is ineffectual and is bound to fail Phase three future trials. In phase two study of PTI-428, the fake small sized sample groups of treatments give a typical awful results misleading outcome that looks by comparison very high which was not the case factually. Kerrisdale reported that Proteostasis has hidden negative information focuses under the carpet.

Chief Executive Officer of JHSF Participacoes SA, Jose Auriemo Neto, is one of the top executives in Brazil. JHSF Participacoes is a Brazilian company that deals mainly in real estate. Founded in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo; JHSF Participacoes has dealt in numerous projects in Brazil and Uruguay. Shopping centers, residential and commercial properties, hotels and restaurants are some of the projects JHSF has developed. One of the most notable projects among them all is the famous Metro Cruz Mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This was the first mall in Brazil to be integrated with a subway station.

Jose Auriemo Neto is known for his ability to coordinate and direct the affairs of a company. His prowess in coordinating activities did not come out of the blues; it took a lot of years of studying and putting in hard work so as to reach where he is today. Jose Auriemo Neto is an alumnus of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Brazil. When he completed his studies, he joined JHSF in 1993.

When Jose Auriemo Neto joined JHSF he worked diligently and rose to the position of Executive Chairman of the company. It was in 2003 that he became the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF Participacoes. Ever since he took up the position, Jose Auriemo Neto has been coming up with new strategies and putting in place measures to ensure the firm continues to grow.

In 2009, Jose Auriemo Neto oversaw the firm’s first-ever venture into retail. This was after he signed the company’s collaboration with top brands in market like Jimmy Choo and Hermes. Jose Auriemo Neto did not stop there, in 2012, he went ahead to coordinate the company’s collaboration with Valentino. As a result of this partnership, R.E.D Valentino and Valentino launched their first stores in Brazil. If you take a look at the great things that Jose is doing, it is clear that in his hands the company is destined for more success in the future.

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Today, Tony Petrello is best known for his successes at the helm of Nabors Industries, the largest global oil exploration and mining firm. His success here saw him make the cut for America’s top-paid Chief Executive Officer for the year 2015. From humble beginnings to a global business leader, Petrello’s life story is amazing.

Early life

The young Tony can be described as a good boy and a remarkable student. He was raised in New Jersey’s Newark neighborhood and attended public schools around the area for his early education. He made a name for himself early on in high school for his mathematics prowess. Yale University followed soon after. He was offered a mentorship opportunity with Serge Lang and an educational scholarship at the university. Serge Lang was a world-renowned mathematician with numerous contributions to field. This is how Tony Petrello made his first step in his long journey to greatness. He attained both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree at Yale. Tony Petrello took interest in law soon after graduating and joined Harvard Law School.

Curving his career

After graduating from Harvard, Tony Petrello’s biggest career opportunity came in 1979 when he joined the much-famed law firm, Baker & McKenzie. At this law firm he based his practice in arbitration and taxation. In this field, he was fascinated by how law and business work and in hand. Due to this, he put more interest in this field. Thanks to his brilliance and excellence, he was named a managing partner for Baker & McKenzie Law Firm New York branch in 1986. As a managing partner at this law firm, he came across a client – Nabors Industries – little did he know then what the future held for him.

At Nabors industries

His brilliant work as Nabors Industries tax attorney, this global oil and natural gases driller took notice of him. Tony was appointed as Chief Operating Officer at Nabors Industries in 1991. At this position, he was tasked with overseeing day to day operations at this company. Sometime later, he joined this company’s board of directors. In 1992, Tony Petrello was appointed the President of this global natural resources explorer. At this time he made a name for himself with a $32 million deal to buy Grace drilling in 1993. His latest giant purchase was the Superior Wells Services acquisition in 2010. He also pioneered the SANAD joint venture with Saudi’s Aramco in 2016. These three deals cemented the success of Nabors Industries in the global oil and natural gases exploration.

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What defines true success? Is it wealth? Power? Or the ability to make something of yourself doing something you’re good at, while enjoying what you love?

This is what entrepreneur Robert Deignan has done his entire life. From graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 1992, then Purdue University in 1995, Deignan has always had a passion for business. In 1998, he was the co-founder of Fairlink, LLC until 1995 before transitioning to become an Executive VP for iS3, Inc. He served there without hesitation until 2011.

2011 was an important year for Deignan, since he founded the ATS Digital services, which helped consumers to provide support for software issues.

So adept he was in business, the company was the first certified by the APDEstem Corporation as a call center to give support to all consumers in software applications due to their strict compliance of laws.

And throughout his success, Deignan found pleasure in fishing as a way to balance his life. Most people may think it frivolous, but being able to find something to enjoy while maintaining and building a business is the definition of success.

He went on to win 2nd place in the Carolina Boat Builders tournament as a point runner during the Awards and Scholarship Night, a society that promoted building cultural awareness and the heritage of boat building, while ensuring educational opportunities for students.

Even more impressive is that he served with Team Liquid in the 79th Sailfish Derby, coming out as number one, even after obstacles kept them falling behind.

It’s this kind of perseverance that has made Deignan a success in both business and his life: the ability to never give up or take things as they go. It’s been said that a person who refuses to succumb to the pressures of life are usually the ones that live great ones.

From graduation from high school and college, Deignan has proven this to be true. His accomplishments distinguish him greatly: from business to even his personal life. And while many wonder how he does this, it’s easy: a zest for life.

Peter Briger On Forbes and His Position At Fortress Investment Group

The Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group LLC in San Francisco, California, is Peter Briger. He is listed as one of Forbes Top 400 experienced business persons. His duties at Fortress Investment Group LLC included being in charge of the company’s Credit fund business. Fortress Investment Group LLC is an investment management company.

Peter Briger began working at Fortress Investment Group LLC in 2002 as part of the Management Committee. Fortress Credit Business was created by Pete Briger. The company is focused on underrated resources and discombobulated and credit assets that are illiquid. In 2006 Peter Briger joined the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group LLC.

Peter Briger’s Other Leadership Roles And Qualifications

Peter Briger serves on the Board of Directors for many companies including the Central Park Conservancy, the Hospital for Special Surgery, the Princeton University Investment Company, and the Global Fund for Children. He serves on the Board of Directors at the Central Park Conservancy and supervises Central Park in New York City. These companies are non-profit businesses.

Over 600 million dollars have been invested by Peter Briger in Central Park since the Central Park Conservancy was founded in 1980. Companies worldwide have enhanced their abilities to help children who are at-risk in many parts of the world.

Before he began his career at Fortress Investment Group LLC, spanning 15 years, Peter Briger worked at Golden Sachs. He was involved in investing overseas, which included the Asian exchange (market). During his career at Golden Sachs Company, he filled many roles in leadership. His leadership roles included handling distressed liability in the Asian market, investment opportunities in Asia, trading, loan sales, and real estate in Asia. Peter Briger was a member of the Global Control and Compliance Committee, the Asian Management Committee and the Japan Executive Committee. In 1996, he became a partner with Goldman Sachs.

Peter Briger worked as a U.S. Treasury Official during the administrations of Lyndon B. Johnson and John F. Kennedy. He was an Advisor to the International Finance Corporation debt issues that were in distress. Peter Briger was a member of the CompuCredit Corporation Board of Directors. He is now a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which is an independent company that helps officials of the government, citizens and experienced people to have an understanding of overseas policy affairs.

What Is Peter Briger’s Educational Background?

Peter Briger graduated from Princeton University, where he received a B.A. degree. He attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and received his Masters in Business Administration.

Fortress Investment Group LLC, founded in 1988. They employ over 1,000 employees and are a privately held organization. They specialize in Credit Funds, Traditional Asset, Private Equity Funds, and Liquid Market Funds. They are a global investment company that is extremely diversified and a leader in their field. As of September 30, 2017, they oversee and administer global investments that are diversified with over 36.1 billion dollars of capital.

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The level of investment is dependent on the assistance the investors receive in finance. Equities First Holdings started to provide a quick loan to the individuals and corporate entities. The firm began operating in the United States. The firm shows successful growth over the last more than fourteen years. The company formed in the year 2002 in Indianapolis by Al Christy, the CEO.

Equities First Holdings acted as a response to the issues arising in the market finance. The group offers cash that helps to solve the short-term financial difficulties. People who show the willingness to extend their net worth can apply for quick cash. The money assists in starting up of new entities and expand the existing ventures.

Workers have skills to handle our high profiled customers with respect and honesty. The system used runs throughout the seasons of the year. Equities First Holdings follows the set model in its operation to help avoid much scrutiny by the regulatory agencies.

There is one way forward in this technological age, and it should definitely include cutting the phone cord and stop mowing down trees and using the pulp to make catalogs that simply end up in landfills. Marketing has changed significantly, and although some companies are clinging to the old way of doing things, others have realized that time has marched on, and this is spawning new industrial outlook. Single brands are having to be far more creative with their base to survive, but the underlying force is that sectors are not dying, they are just expanding and inviting new tributaries of commerce.

Market America is a company that is based on the technologic advancements of truly giving the people what they want. They are able to match products that people want, and deliver them in the form of advertising while they travel around the net. Most everyone using the internet is noticing how the ads are getting much, much better, and they are actually of things we are interested in. Click-through rates must be going through the roof as more and more of us realize that someone is actually trying to help us find more of what we want, and have abandoned the “one size fits all” marketing mantra of yesterday.

Market America, although the name evokes a certain sense of nationalism, is actually a worldwide company. On this platform, they can bring American products to all parts of the world. This might actually become our eponymous marketing arm, and that which can become a way to correct current trade imbalances. They also consider themselves the “un-franchise” as they allow an assortment of products to be sold by their reps, in addition of allowing their reps to add products on the Market America platform.

The way this benefits everyone is clear: a person who makes sweatshirts gets involved with Market America, and in addition to those products, they can also market their own sweatshirt, only to a much, much wider network than they likely could have ever recognized through their own individual efforts. They are also layered with useful technology, like that which helps customers find ancillary products they might need. This company has a long way to go and we are likely just seeing the beginning.

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