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Rocketship Education is a charter school network that serves low-income students, more so the ones who have limited access to excellent education. The non-profit network was founded in 2007 by Mr. Preston Smith and Mr. John Danner. They believe in the transformation of the education system. Rocketship Education is more than just educating the student. The network is also used to empower teachers, inspire communities, and engage parents. Currently, Rocketship Education has sixteen charter schools. These schools are located in Redwood City, Washington DC, Concord California, San Jose, Redwood City, Milwaukee, and Nashville.

Rocketship Education is a very authentic organization. It always delivers transparency in its work. Members of the organization work with passion and they resonate major decisions and actions. Also, Rocketeers have confidence in community, tenacity, and innovation. As a community, Rocketship Education always looks for diverse set of perceptions for building an understanding circle. The organization is also working hard to expand its circle. Through the circle, Rocketship Education can work towards a greater purpose. Rocketship Education believes that community starts within the neighborhoods and extends within the classroom. Moreover, Rocketship value its professional community and the collective impact that it has beyond individual contributions and roles. As an organization, Rocketship strives to pursue its goals relentlessly until it manages to achieve them. Rocketeers use innovation to make the impossible to become possible. In that case, Rocketship always takes responsible risks for positive impact.

The mission of Rocketship Education is to eliminate the achievement gap that affects the life of the needy students in the society. In that case, Rocketeers always pursue excellence. The organization strategically prioritize on how to maximize long and short term solutions. It is a belief in Rocketship Education Network that every child has the right to succeed. For that reason, Rocketeers are working smart to eliminate the gap that hinders children from achieving their goals.