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Planning is the key to every success. People who have managed to plan their lives end up being very successful. This is the notion that Richard Blair holds when it comes to wealth management. Richard happens to be the founder of a company in the United States of America called Wealth Solutions.

This is a company that specializes in helping customers or people within the Dallas area to protect and at the same time manage their assets. This experienced man has a lot of certifications which makes him the number one advisor in the region. These certifications include the CFS, CAS, RICP as well as the CES.

Richard Blair holds the belief that for any person to pursue their financial goals, they should have a solid plan. He focusses his services within the Texas region and mainly focuses on retirement planning as well as wealth management services.

His esteemed firm functions as a registered investment advisory firm. To be the person he is today, Richard Blair was inspired by his mother and his grandmother who were both teachers.

When growing up, the two instilled in him the importance of confidence and how it can be acquired from teaching. He has always loved finance from his early days in school. He established the Wealth Solutions in the year 1994. He mainly deals with small businesses and even individuals or families when it comes to the financial matters. For a sound financial plan, Richard Blair believes in the three pillar approach.

The first pillar involves the laying out of the financial roadmap of the client in question. This is where Richard Blair and his team lay out the risks tolerance of the plan as well as its growth opportunities and its strengths, and goals. Wealth solutions have the belief that the best way to understand a client is first to understand where they are coming from and what they want.

The second pillar according to the Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is to develop a long-term strategy for the client. This is a strategy that will go a long way in implementing the needs of the client being referred in this case. According to the wealth solutions, this plan should be in a way that it meets the liquidity needs of the clients as well as their investments goals.

Finally, the last pillar involves taking care of the insurance needs of the client in case something goes wrong; the client will be fully covered.