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Who is Whitney Wolfe?
Whitney Wolfe was relatively unknown only a few years back, however, her work within the online dating community in co-founding Tinder has made an enormous impact on the industry. Today with 20 million members on board she runs Bumble, a women’s empowerment dating app that is shifting the landscape of how the dating process should be.

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How does Bumble empower women in its own workplace?
The CEO of Bumble explains that her number one priority is that Bumble practices what it preaches. Aligning with the culture of women empowerment, Wolfe tackled a very difficult issue regarding pay for her early all women staff. She wanted to destroy the notion that a woman should be ashamed for asking for more pay. To remedy this, Wolfe created tools for women to fight for their pay. This came in the form of a semi-annual review where it promoted an open discussion with employees, not only giving them an opportunity to ask for higher wages but to educate them on how to negotiate while creating a safe and confident workplace.

In a Vanity Fair article written by Maya Kosoff, Whitney Wolfe is introduced to the world as not only a business owner but a voice in the incoming wave of female entrepreneurs. Her stance on how power should be defined and perceived today gives us an insider view of the new shift in female empowerment. “I think traditionally, power is perceived as something that belongs to men and is an excuse to behave in a disempowered way”. Whitney Wolfe went on to elaborate on that quote, stating that even now her business is under attack from Tinder because of the “overcrowding” of online dating sites and her reshaping of the online dating community.”I saw the opportunity to rebuild something, to get into a crowded space and do it differently”. Needless to say, Bumble and Whitney Wolfe are standing strong.

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Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Officer for Investments and Founder of Kerrisdale Management of Capital. Sahm is associated with all parts of the company’s functions since its establishment in 2009. Sahm Adrangi is recognized for publishing and short selling research. Mr. Sahm explains his organization’s perspectives on the stock, like, overrated shorts and under-followed longs, which are commonly misconstrued in the market. His company’s research looks to rectify comprehensively held misinterpretations concerning different organizations’ major prospects in business. Adrangi’s company shares its exploration on Twitter and its website.

Sahm Adrangi first became famous through revealing and shorting corrupt Chinese organizations, for example, China Group for Marine Food, Lihua International and China-Biotics between 2010 and 2011. A few of Sahm’s targets, like ChinaCast Corp Education and China Alliance Education, ended up becoming victims to actions of enforcement from Exchange and Security Commission. As of late Sahm Adrangi has concentrated the company’s endeavors on a few particular divisions where Kerrisdale organization has benefited from expertise development. Sector of Biotechnology has been a territory of focus, where the company has made its research published concerning organizations like Therapeutics, Bavarian, Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences, Unilife and many others.

Sahm Adrangi began his vocation in financial credit, carrying out leveraged loans debt and high yield finances at the Bank of Deutsche. He promoted lender committees advisory group in out-of-court and bankruptcy at Partners in Chanin Capitals. In addition to his experience in banking investment, Sahm spent some years at Longacre Management which was a multi-billion-dollar fund distressed in hedge debt. Sahm Adrangi graduated from the University of Yale with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Bachelor of Arts).

Kerrisdale Capital issued a report which was negative concerning Proteostasis Therapeutics and announced the schedule of conference-call. Kerrisdale trusts that cystic-fibrosis drug of Proteostasis Therapeutics is ineffectual and is bound to fail Phase three future trials. In phase two study of PTI-428, the fake small sized sample groups of treatments give a typical awful results misleading outcome that looks by comparison very high which was not the case factually. Kerrisdale reported that Proteostasis has hidden negative information focuses under the carpet.

What defines true success? Is it wealth? Power? Or the ability to make something of yourself doing something you’re good at, while enjoying what you love?

This is what entrepreneur Robert Deignan has done his entire life. From graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 1992, then Purdue University in 1995, Deignan has always had a passion for business. In 1998, he was the co-founder of Fairlink, LLC until 1995 before transitioning to become an Executive VP for iS3, Inc. He served there without hesitation until 2011.

2011 was an important year for Deignan, since he founded the ATS Digital services, which helped consumers to provide support for software issues.

So adept he was in business, the company was the first certified by the APDEstem Corporation as a call center to give support to all consumers in software applications due to their strict compliance of laws.

And throughout his success, Deignan found pleasure in fishing as a way to balance his life. Most people may think it frivolous, but being able to find something to enjoy while maintaining and building a business is the definition of success.

He went on to win 2nd place in the Carolina Boat Builders tournament as a point runner during the Awards and Scholarship Night, a society that promoted building cultural awareness and the heritage of boat building, while ensuring educational opportunities for students.

Even more impressive is that he served with Team Liquid in the 79th Sailfish Derby, coming out as number one, even after obstacles kept them falling behind.

It’s this kind of perseverance that has made Deignan a success in both business and his life: the ability to never give up or take things as they go. It’s been said that a person who refuses to succumb to the pressures of life are usually the ones that live great ones.

From graduation from high school and college, Deignan has proven this to be true. His accomplishments distinguish him greatly: from business to even his personal life. And while many wonder how he does this, it’s easy: a zest for life.

The name Vincent Parascandola has become famous in the world of finances. This is because he has an innate expertise, a lot of experience, and extensive knowledge regarding financial matters. He has seen to the recruitment of top financial professionals from numerous areas in the world. AXA Advisors knows him as the Senior Executive Vice President and the 25 years he has spent in finances make him an excellent fit for the position. The new financial specialists are brought into the business by Vincent Parascandola to help maintain the company’s productivity. In the past, his experience benefited LIMRA and he is currently joined with GAMMA.

Vincent Parascandola began the path of financial expertise in 1987 at Prudential. He was hired as a sales agent and excelled in his position. He received notice on a national level for two consecutive years. Prior to him finding AXA Advisors he applied himself to various managerial positions for MONT Life Insurance. He held prestigious positions with several companies in his field prior to his work with AXA Advisors. He worked in New York for one of their branches before being promoted to his current position with the firm.

Vincent Parascandola’s abilities have earned him, recognition, honors, and awards throughout his career, says His ability as a speaker is known all over the world and he relays his knowledge to help both financial experts and those still new to the industry. His triumphs and eloquence were so well noted by his old college he provided the graduation speech at Pace University in 2014 as an alumnus.

AXA Advisors has a lot of well-placed faith in Vincent. His contributions to the company have included leadership, transformation, recruitment, and growth. He is highly regarded and considered a financial professional with a performance history that is spectacular. He is expected to continue on his path of excellence in the future as he continues his financial career. More information can be found on Vincent Parascandola’s Vimeo channel.

There are very few companies today that do what Talk Fusion can do and back in 2007, when CEO Bob Reina founded the company, there was almost nobody. Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion and the reason that the company has been so successful for so long. However, Reina wasn’t always his own CEO and his path to becoming one is pretty interesting. For entrepreneurs who are interested in what it takes to reach the next level, keep on reading. Learn more:


So, what does it take to become your own boss and start a company that will fundamentally change the way people do business? It takes a good idea and almost as important it takes reaching the market at the right time. We can flash back in time over 10 years ago when Bob Reina was working as a police officer. He was approached by a network marketer and it was during this conversation that he began to learn about using the internet as his own platform to run a business. Learn more:


Of course, Talk Fusion wasn’t born out of a simple and singular conversation. Bob Reina brought about Talk Fusion after realizing that he could personally benefit from the services that they would provide. Talk Fusion is a premier video marketing company that focuses on solutions for communication and messaging within the business world. Reina knows firsthand how frustrating it can be to try and get your message out to customers and clients. That is what brought him to invent the Talk Fusion Video Email which is now the core program in the Talk Fusion marketing suite.


The Talk Fusion Video Email application allows businesses to send emails embedded with videos to entire client lists. Back in 2007 this was a game changer for the video marketing industry. Now, in 2017, it is just another aspect of their already impressive catalog at Talk Fusion. Going forward with the company, Reina is focused on bringing about product solutions for customers who need something to fill in the gaps. Talk Fusion is all about staying ahead of the curve and pushing the limits of the industry. Learn more:


Sheldon Lavin’s career in the meat industry began approximately 43 years ago. His vast transition from finance to executive leadership is admirable. Lavin’s first career experience began in 1970 where he was a financial manager for a company that engaged in the supply of meat and its products.

Sheldon Lavin worked for Otto & Sons. At this juncture, the company was experiencing financial issues when Lavin stepped in to assist. Immediately Lavin started working with the Otto Sons, the firm experienced vast growth through the attraction of various investors. Mr. Otto retired because of his age. He left Lavin in charge because he had the expertise to manage different financial accounts. Lavin helped the Otto Sons in running the business.


Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of the leading meat provider in America, OSI Group. He is also the President of an affiliate of OSI Group, OSI International Foods Ltd. He is active in all the departments including global operations. Lavin is prominent for making sure that the company runs efficiently by providing high-quality meat products.

In 2016, Lavin received a positive recognition award through the Global Visionary Award. While receiving the award, Lavin stated that the recognition honored him. This was a reflection of his outstanding performance as an entrepreneur and executive leader. He emphasized his commitment to providing high-quality products through the team of professionals. Lavin has dedicated his time to the growth of the company. He ensures that the team respects customers. This is a leading operational strategy for the company.


While expanding the operations of OSI Group across different facets of the industry, Lavin has insisted on environmental conservation as a key factor that determines the activities of the company. Under Lavin’s supervision, OSI Group continues to promote environmental sustainability for the young generation of entrepreneurs. Lavin is hopeful that the millennials will uphold the values of environmental conservation during production. In an interview with CEOCFO, Lavin explained his passion for incorporating his financial expertise with entrepreneurship. He has been able to succeed in business because of his commitment to developing business ideas.

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Warren Buffet has recently agreed to a challenge where he bet $1 million that he can get better investment returns than those who manage the most lucrative hedge funds. It is very likely that Buffet will win the bet due to his track record as well as the fact that hedge funds generate mediocre returns. They are also quite expensive as well and are therefore not an ideal option for most investors. Nowadays, a number of people will be responsible for their own retirement so it will be important for them to invest in securities that generate consistent returns. With a conservative investment philosophy, many people will be in position to fund their own retirement.

Timothy Armour is one of the leading finance professionals in the industry. He currently holds the position of Chairman of the Capital Group. As well as being the chairman of the firm, Tim is also the chief executive officer in which he focuses on the daily management. Over the course of his career, Tim has been a portfolio manager in which he has managed the investment funds for a number of investors. This has allowed him to establish himself as a very trusted professional in the finance field.

When Tim Armour started out in his career, he held the position of associate in which he would receive training on how to evaluate financial securities and advise investors on what to invest in. After a number of years as an associate, Armour would then become an analyst in which he would evaluate securities on a regular basis. This would pave the way for him to become a top executive of Capital Group. By 2016, Tim would become the chief executive officer an chairman of the firm. Tim completed a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College.

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Maggie Gill, the CEO of Memorial Health joined Memorial University Medical Center in 2004 as the vice president of finance. In the following year, 2005, she was made the chief operating officer, and in 2011, she was promoted to be the chief executive officer of Memorial Health.

Her promotion to the position of CEO of the health organization was reached by the board after they were impressed by Maggie’s performance.

Responsibilities as the CEO

In her position as the CEO, Maggie Gill is responsible for providing leadership to the organization’s vice presidents, senior vice presidents, and physicians. She is actively involved in several relationship activities within the organization including government relations, internal audit, physician relationship, and the relationship of the Heart & Vascular Institute.

Her responsibilities extend to the facility management and trauma services, operative services, financial assistance, and corporate communications. During her tenure as the CEO of Memorial health, she has realized a lot of achievements. These include the development of new physician-led centers, construction of new facilities and expansion of the existing ones.

Maggie Gill’s Work History

Prior joining Memorial Health, Maggie Gill spent five years working for Tenet Health System as the CEO. During this period, she won the award for the Tenet Outstanding CFO for three consecutive years. She was also working for Coral Gables Hospital, Palmetto General Hospital, and North Shore Medical Center while still working for Tenet.

Education Background of Maggie Gill

Maggie Gill attended Kansas State University where she received her Ph. D in Behavioral Neuroscience. After her graduation, she joined Medical University, South Carolina where she conducted her post-doctorate fellowship. In 2013, she joined North Central College where she secured teaching classes on Neuroscience and Psychology.

Career Achievements

In 2016, Maggie Gill was listed in Becker’s Hospital review edition of top 135 non-profit organization CEO’s to know. The list usually considers men and women who are leading most fruitful and prominent non-profit organizations. Before publishing the list, nominations are carried out, and the list is made based on editorial judgment and discretion.

Also during her leadership at Memorial Health, the Memorial team has won a lot of awards with the most recent being the Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Health Care Hero’s Award. The awards are presented to individuals who dedicate into improving the healthcare sector. The Memorial team was nominated and won in all categories which include; allied health professionals, healthcare education, healthcare innovation, community outreach and physician lifetime achievement, and institution organization.