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Chaz Dean is a Los Angeles stylist who serves many celebrities. He is a hair stylist with a humble heart and he puts all of his clients at ease by his zen-like aura. Growing up, his love for photography is what brought about his passion for hair. He took many different photography courses and then later signed up for cosmetology school, turning his interest in other people’s hair into a professional career of cutting and coloring. While practicing his cosmetology skills, Dean also worked with a very successful company to come out with a hair care product line. This developed his interest in creating different products.

Dean quickly became the manager of the salon he was working at and then later purchased it. They relocated from Los Angeles to Hollywood and came out with a new name: Chaz Dean Studio, This studio is where Dean started developing his popular product Wen Cleansing Conditioners. This provided his clients with a new way to not only cleanse their hair but also hydrate it. Dean is always creating new and different products and taking care of the clients at his salon as well as providing them with their perfect hair for their fashion shows and award shows. Dean gives his clients the ability to have the hair they have always dreamed of.

Dean’s cleansing conditioner comes in many different scents as well as fragrance free for those who are sensitive to different fragrances. You can find them in cranberry mint, almond mint, vanilla mint, fig, red currant, white citrus, lavender, and more! The cleansing conditioner also isn’t just for adults, it is also made for kids and even your pets! You can find it in travel sizes to make sure you have it on your trips and you can find it in gallon sizes, so you never have to worry about running out!

Making sure that you cleanse your hair in a way that is not only safe, but also healthy, is the secret to always having great hair! If you aren’t sure what product will suit you best, you can always contact directly to answer a few questions and then they will be able to tell you which formula is best for your hair! Making sure you get the right formula for exactly what YOUR hair needs is important in creating and maintaining the overall health of your hair, as well as hydrating it.

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So many men and women put their hair through so many harsh and unreliable products trying to get a great looking style. Along with the environment, the weather, and the harsh styling products and tools used on hair, it’s no wonder the hair and shaft get damaged.

Many people tell you that your hair needs a professional to make it look better. But that’s not always the case since there are products out on the market to enhance and make hair stronger and healthier. It’s just a matter of finding the right product on eBay. One of the ways to treat your hair as if it is made of gold is by using a product that will enhance, strengthen and cleanse the hair without harsh products. Many people don’t realize that Sodium Laural Sulfate, which is in almost every single bottle, can do more damage than good as it strips away nutrients with its harshness.

Unfortunately, most conditioners will not enhance the hair or feed it like it needs to be fed. But there is a product that will. WEN hair, by Chaz Dean, a popular stylist for the stars, spent a lot of time creating his own product over twenty years ago that is still popular all over the world. The reason why? Because it works.

WEN strengthens the hair because it doesn’t have the Sodium Laural Sulfate or any other sulfates that will strip the hair of all the natural oils. This lather-free product actually cleanses without lather, using instead cleansers like natural herbs and extracts.

These natural botanical soothe and heal the hair, not strip the shaft, making a brittle mess. Even in studies conducted by users of WEN hair products, they found the hair became shinier, less brittle and more manageable faster. Using a great product like WEN is the simple answer to strengthening hair. Visit the brand’s Wikipedia page to learn more.



16 Things to Be Aware of With Antidepressants
According to there are at least 16 things that nobody will tell you about antidepressants. It is important to know that one of the most strongest thing that any person can do is to ask for help. If you feel as if you are unable to go on any longer, it would show strength if you asked for assistance rather than doing nothing. Depression can be a sound reason to ask for some help. Sergio Cortes points out that depression has the ability to halt your entire life. Help may include taking antidepressants. There are several things that people do not tell you about taking antidepressants.

Items That Are Not Talked About
It may surprise you to discover that there are some rather annoying misconceptions that people have surrounding the taking of an antidepressant. The list of items are things that many people do not talk about regarding taking the antidepressant. They may be misconceptions or items that are not talked about. A sample of these include:
* they work different for each person
* trial and error may get the right fit
* it is no different than taking medicine for physical pain
* they are not magical pills that induce chronic happiness
* they may affect your sex drive
* they may take time to get adjusted to them
These are only six of the 16 common items that no one will tell you about taking the anti depressant.This is a good list of items that would prove helpful to any person contemplating taking antidepressants.