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Eli Gershovitch is an entrepreneur who began his work life as a barrister and solicitor in Vancouver, Canada. He is a man of many talents. He entered the craft beer business in 1995 from his hometown of Gastown, Vancouver. He flies airplanes. In fact, he flew round trip to Europe from Vancouver in his single-engine Cessna in 2009.


It was because of the inspiration Eli Gershovitch received during a trip to Europe in 1987 that he is interested in craft beers was stirred. After graduating from law school at the University of Toronto, he traveled to Europe. While in Belgium, he tasted a great beer that got him excited about beer on tap. Later, in 1995 he started his own brewpub that began as a 184-seat location. Today, Eli Gershkovitch has expanded to include neighboring eateries and pubs and Steamworks, his first location now seats 754.


Recently, Steamworks competed in the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship. Steamworks competed with 6,000 other beers for awards. Countries that participated included the U.S., Canada, Vietnam, Australia, Belgium, and Venezuela. The categories available to compete in ranged from non-alcoholic to lagers and from ales to hybrids and barrel aged. Everyone can enter from home brewers to established breweries. They each compete to win medals and a lot of notoriety.

Steamworks has been garnering notoriety for quite some time since it started producing an average of fifteen to seventeen beers per year. In its earliest years, it capped out at six beers per year. Now, even with Eli Gershovitch’s extensive research before rolling out a new beer, he releases over ten new flavors annually. Its pumpkin ale, Steamworks’ Pale Ale, Lion’s Gate Lager and its new Flagship IPA are in high demand in Canada and fourteen states in America.


Eli Gershovitch has come a long way from his origins as a barrister who represented business owners seeking liquor licenses. In 1995, when he was ready to open his own venture, he had the liquor license trials and tribulations of the past as a reference to guide his efforts. Eli Gershovitch also overcame the limits on the region set against steam breweries by buying a building that was 100 years old and used steam heat. He later reallocated that resource to create his Steamworks craft beers.

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