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Who is Whitney Wolfe?
Whitney Wolfe was relatively unknown only a few years back, however, her work within the online dating community in co-founding Tinder has made an enormous impact on the industry. Today with 20 million members on board she runs Bumble, a women’s empowerment dating app that is shifting the landscape of how the dating process should be.

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How does Bumble empower women in its own workplace?
The CEO of Bumble explains that her number one priority is that Bumble practices what it preaches. Aligning with the culture of women empowerment, Wolfe tackled a very difficult issue regarding pay for her early all women staff. She wanted to destroy the notion that a woman should be ashamed for asking for more pay. To remedy this, Wolfe created tools for women to fight for their pay. This came in the form of a semi-annual review where it promoted an open discussion with employees, not only giving them an opportunity to ask for higher wages but to educate them on how to negotiate while creating a safe and confident workplace.

In a Vanity Fair article written by Maya Kosoff, Whitney Wolfe is introduced to the world as not only a business owner but a voice in the incoming wave of female entrepreneurs. Her stance on how power should be defined and perceived today gives us an insider view of the new shift in female empowerment. “I think traditionally, power is perceived as something that belongs to men and is an excuse to behave in a disempowered way”. Whitney Wolfe went on to elaborate on that quote, stating that even now her business is under attack from Tinder because of the “overcrowding” of online dating sites and her reshaping of the online dating community.”I saw the opportunity to rebuild something, to get into a crowded space and do it differently”. Needless to say, Bumble and Whitney Wolfe are standing strong.

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Richard Dwayne Blair who is the owner of Wealth Solutions that is located in Austin, Texas has a belief that at a time one will be in need to seek for a plan that will help him/her develop the financial goals. He is, therefore, ready to offer his clients a retirement plan and wealth management to his clients who come seeking help. He has been helping the members of the community with a financial roadmap which has been their guide via many life milestones.

So that Richard Dwayne Blair could achieve this financial roadmap help, he has been using three financial pillars. The pillars have been helping Richard in developing a comprehensive plan for a client. After he looks at the financial situation a client is having and the retirement needs, he will use the pillars to develop a more holistic plan for the client.

Richard Dwayne Blair started in 1994 his organization “Wealth Solution” after he had finished his college. He had come from a world of education and he had realized that education knowledge could help people. He had a motivation from his wife, grandmother, and mother who all were teachers.

Here are the pillars that have been helping Richard Blair in his success advice to his clients.

The first pillar – this is the pillar that will help in the designation of the financial roadmap for a client. Richard will be able to determine the route after he has identified the goals, risk tolerance, opportunities and strengthen opportunities for a client. This financial planning will help Richard to be able to build a relationship that is strong and long lasting with his client. He also has to gain a deep understanding of each and every client’s needs and expectations.

The second pillar- in this pillar, Richard will have to develop a strategy that is long-term and effective in nature. It should be custom tailored to each client’s unique goals and also the liquidity needs. He has been actively managing and reallocating his assets by helping in capturing a maximum performance during the upward market movement periods.

The third pillar – he uses to review the final client’s pillar after implementation and monitoring financial goals of a client.

The article in provides a peek into the traits that made Vinod Gupta a successful entrepreneur who grew up in a tiny village in north India and pursued his higher education at the University of Nebraska. After completing his Masters in Business Administration, Vinod, who was hired by a mobile-home manufacturer, started his own company that provided information to other mobile-home manufacturers with $100 and transformed it into a company that sold for $680 million several years later.

Vinod Gupta, now the founder and General Partner of Everest Group, spends a large part of his day on long-term planning. He is able to do it by staying away from day to day operations, which he runs with a competent and trustworthy team. Everest Group invests in technology niche domains like digital printing, background checks. Vinod is also excited about emerging technologies that connect Artificial intelligence with databases to aid automated decision making.

Vinod’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to take risks and still be conservative in spending and always be conscious about the return on investment. Vinod is also passionate about improving productivity by maximizing utilization of information available in databases from usability and longevity perspectives.

Vinod’s journey, like all successful entrepreneurs, had its share of doomsday predictors who told him his venture would not succeed. Vinod himself admits to some common investor mistakes like overpaying for some companies bought and changing management teams that were doing well. The lessons he learnt were valuable guides in his professional mobility.

Vinod’s favorite book is ‘Managing’ by Harry Geneen. The best quote he knows is Harry Geneen’s ” take focus on the business and if you are a businessman, don’t try to be a social activist”. Vinod finds the immediate reach of digital social media platforms a great productivity tool.

As a businessman, Vinod invested every cent back in his business. Vinod also lead several philanthropic initiatives, giving millions back to his native village and also staying involved in community work all through his professional career.

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There are some people who find it very hard to get out of bed and get a few tasks done for the day. Then there is Roseann Bennett who seems to be superhuman when it comes to accomplishments. When looking at her day, she starts off doing a lot of work for business and marriage counseling. She connects with people and shows them that they can make positive changes in their lives. She also takes on a lot of calls and meetings throughout the day. She also looks at different ideas so that she can find the best ideas for her business and career. Then when she gets done with her day, she watches and reads with her family. Then they talk about their day.

While people may look at Roseann Bennett and think that she is doing the impossible. The truth is that it is possible to reach the level of productivity that Roseann Bennett has achieved. There are a few steps to take. One of the most important steps that Roseann has taken was to find something that she is passionate about. This is one of the driving factors for her productivity. For others, this may work as well.

Going beyond passion, people can also get organized with their ideas. As a matter of fact, people who are a little more organized in their days are going to get more done. Organized people tend to take on more throughout the day. The best thing about this is that they feel like they have done less compared to the chaotic individual. When people are disorganized about their day, they may feel like they have done so much throughout the day while they have accomplished so little. While Roseann Bennett takes on a lot of tasks throughout the day, she may not feel like she is working all that hard.

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For a number of years factions of Muslims have blamed the Jews for the woes, misery, and adversity in the Middle East that has been a thorn in the flesh for recurrent years now. The hate for Jews or anti Semitism is spreading and receiving an alarming welcome from impetuous sources. According to Adam Milstein who is an Israeli-American philanthropist it is a sad state of affairs to see historically Radical Muslims gang up global support and share ideas which are primitive, inhuman and uncouth. Milstein says that prejudice against the Jews is being intermarried with other uncivilized acts such racism, bigotry, dislike of feminism, homophobia, stoning of women and disregard of minority rights.

Leftists join the extremist

Theoretically, the moderate Muslims who follow the gospel ethics of the true Islamic religion should come out strongly against their radical counterparts because the legitimacy of the Islamic religion is at stake. However, Milstein notes that the modest Muslims have turned a deaf ear on the current trend because they have also grown to share a common notion that Western influence has eroded their traditional values. The radicals point to Israel as the hub of foreign influence given that it is the traditional ancestry home of the Jews. They are determined to see Israel razed down with the thought that their problems will die with the country.

Anti- Israel push

Adam Milstein observes that the number of people sharing the anti- Israel, anti-Jews ideas are gaining popularity and receiving support from different groups even in the US. The trend is on the rise with even students at Tufts University joining the movement. These groups are deeply worried of the tight diplomatic ties between the USA and Israel and have further spread the rhetoric that Israel is a colonial oppressor of the Muslims. Milstein states that the extremist Islamists are now finding support from the leftist and their common goal is repulsive because it aims at destabilizing Israel.

More about Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel to Eva Milstein and Hillel Milstein. Both his parents were involved in the real estate business. Adam is a relentless supporter of the Jewish people and has sponsored a myriad of programs aimed at improving Jewish welfare and maintaining and strengthening Israel- US relationships. Together with his wife Gila, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation a charity organization that focuses on empowering the Jewish community.

The level of investment is dependent on the assistance the investors receive in finance. Equities First Holdings started to provide a quick loan to the individuals and corporate entities. The firm began operating in the United States. The firm shows successful growth over the last more than fourteen years. The company formed in the year 2002 in Indianapolis by Al Christy, the CEO.

Equities First Holdings acted as a response to the issues arising in the market finance. The group offers cash that helps to solve the short-term financial difficulties. People who show the willingness to extend their net worth can apply for quick cash. The money assists in starting up of new entities and expand the existing ventures.

Workers have skills to handle our high profiled customers with respect and honesty. The system used runs throughout the seasons of the year. Equities First Holdings follows the set model in its operation to help avoid much scrutiny by the regulatory agencies.

James Dondero is a Dallas business leader who has bachelor’s degrees in both finance and accounting. The school he earned these at was the McIntire School of Commerce located on the campus of the University of Virginia. He graduated with the school’s highest honors which are Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gama Sigma.

After graduating, his first professional job occurred at the banking giant JP Morgan. This was in 1984 and he was an analyst in their training program. A year later he left to take a position at American Express. His first position at this company was as a corporate bond analyst and later on he became a portfolio manager. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

In 1989, James Dondero left American Express when he was hired by Protective Life. He was their chief investment officer and his task was to establish their GIC subsidiary. In just four years he built this subsidiary up from nothing to being worth over $2 billion. After this accomplishment, he teamed up with Mark Okada and Protective life to found a company that is now called Highland Capital Management L.P. Years ago he and Okada bought out Protective Life interest in this company and they now wholly own the company. Visit to know more about James.

James Dondero is also a leader at other companies around Dallas as well. At NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. he is the president and chairman of the board. Meanwhile, he also serves as the chairman for three other local companies, CCS Medical, Inc., Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, Inc., and NexBank Capital, Inc. For two other companies he serves on their boards which are MGM Holdings, Inc. and Jernigan Capital, Inc.

Under James Dondero’s leadership, Highland Capital Management has been called one of the best places to work in Dallas. The Dallas Business Journal made a list of the best places to work in the city in 2015 which was comprised of firms with employees numbering between 50 and 249 and his company was on the list. When talking about this listing, Dondero said that having a quality workforce that enjoyed their jobs was a priority at his company.


Boraie Development Has been working for years to transform New Jersey’s housing market, and now they’re making it happen in Atlantic City. An $81 million project known as the Beach at South Inlet is now adding modern apartment units and meeting the new housing demands that Wasseem Boraie, Vice President of the Boraie Development says have been slowly replacing the casino demands. Atlantic City certainly has built its reputation in the gaming industry, but with new establishments springing up in its neighboring states, the city has seen the closing of many venues. This is a chance now for real estate investors and developers to diversify.

For Boraie Development, it all began with the completion of tower one on Albany Street in New Brunswick, NJ. Omar Boraie came to the US back in 1965 from Egypt and was working on a PhD in chemistry. But as he did so, he began to look at real estate construction, and what drove his interest even further in that direction was the problem of New Brunswick becoming a slum. Many of its downtown buildings were old and becoming abandoned, and some streets were not even safe to walk in after 4 PM. But for Omar Boraie, he decided he could do something about it. Most people thought his real estate development ideas were outlandish, but what gave Boraie hope was that another firm, Johnson & Johnson decided to remain in New Brunswick. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

From the time the tower one in Albany Street was erected, New Brunswick began to experience a mass of incoming retailers and shop owners bringing in over $2 billion in city revenue. The Boraies continued bringing in city contracts as the area came alive again. In addition to the Albany Street Plaza, they began constructing new facilities for Rutgers University and extending it’s campus. For more details visit Crunchbase.

In addition to the Beach at South Inlet, The Aspire in New Brunswick is one of the Boraie’s masterpiece investments, a major apartment high rise with excellent amenities and easy access to transportation. At one time former NBA star Shaquile O’Neal also joined up with the Boraies as part of a Newark revitalization initiative. Even though Omar Boraie has reached quite an old age, he says he looks out his window every day to remember everyone that has made New Brunswick what it is today.

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Power bills are recurrent expenditures that will strain your budget every month if not controlled well. You should budget your monthly expenditure to ensure that the power bills do not rise beyond the proposed levels. On this note, it should be noted that slight deviations on the monthly expenditure will have an enormous impact on the overall yearly expenditure. This will then result in high yearly expenditure that will, in turn, lower the savings you would make for your financial development. It should be noted that the power bill is very critical in ensuring sound personal financial development.

In regard to this Stream Energy provides some of the tips that would ensure low energy consumption and thus low power bills. One should always switch off the TV whenever no one is watching the TV. This will ensure there is no power lost through TV that no one is watching. Another tip to ensure low power consumption is the turning off the computers whenever they are not in use. Ensure to switch the socket off once you have completed using the computer. Sometimes it is better to unplug the computer cable from the socket. This will ensure the computer does not restart once it is switched off.

Another tip according to Stream Energy is the fact of unplugging a water dispenser that is not in use from power sockets ( This will ensure that there is no power that is consumed through unnecessary cooling or heating of the water in the water dispenser. All the above tips will ensure that there is no wastage of power in the house, and only the power that is useful is consumed. According to research conducted by Stream Energy, this tips can reduce the power usage by around 30%. If your power bill was one 50$ per month, it would reduce to 35$ making a yearly saving of 180$.

Stream Energy is a company that has been in operation for more than 10 years aiming at providing quality services to their customers (Indeed). It provides energy, home services, protective and wireless. It provides both the natural gas and retail electricity.

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Richard Mishaan Design is well-known for the luxurious nature of the designs the company has become respected for producing for some of the most impressive individuals and organizations in the world. In the 2009 book, “Modern Luxury” and its 2014 follow-up, “Artfully Modern” the Richard Mishaan Design group have expanded upon the initial view of luxury given by these books to show how a stunning design can be produced from any collection of artworks or well-designed furniture coming together to create a perfect view of modern design.

Following the publishing of the 2009 book, Richard Mishaan has explained he felt his company, Richard Mishaan Design had been misrepresented in the book as every aspect of the designs shown were from the top of high-end vendors. In the follow-up, Richard Mishaan Design looked beyond the comfort and opulence of hotel rooms and residential homes to create a better understanding of the work being completed by the architecture and interior design company; Richard Mishaan Design believes the release of “Artfully Modern” brings together more of the overall look of the work being completed by the company in offices and retail spaces.

Richard Mishaan Design was the brainchild of the designer who lent his name to the company and brought his own sense of style and ideas about modern design to the masses. The history of Richard Mishaan Design sees the founder bring together the influences of his own life to the company he developed after a successful architectural career. Included in the work of Richard Mishaan Design is a dedication to the development of a design style focused primarily on the inclusion of many different aspects of style and design including his own history of living and working in New York with a family originating from areas of Italy and Columbia.