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As a company that helps consumers deal with their debt, Freedom Debt Relief has helped more than 400,000 people reduce or eliminate the money they owe. Freedom Debt Relief reviews say that most people have had a very positive experience with the company and getting their finances back under control.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews include a Gary S. who was one of the company’s actual clients. He says that he was in over his head when it came to his debt. He advises that other people in the same circumstances don’t wait and instead contact this company so that they get onto the path of recovery. He says that the company helped him and he believes they can help others as well.

Rita J. was also a person who left a Freedom Debt Relief reviews opinion. She says that getting rid of her debt was a great relief and a burden off her shoulders. She says that others would experience the same by eliminating their debt which has grown overly burdensome. She advises that people move forward on getting the help they need in order to resolve their debt.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews were also left my Julie M. who said that she was pleased with her experience and she has recommended the company’s services to friends and family she knows who are also experiencing high levels of debt that they can’t get out from under on their own.

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