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Before purchasing an item or service, most people will often check in with their friends, family, and neighbors to confirm that the item is worth exchanging their hard earned money. For this reason, awarding platforms and review sites such as the Better Business Bureau help customers verify the product’s authenticity and quality. However, not every tech savvy person will supposedly Google a product’s review. Some will only pose a question on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to get feedback from users. In this age, enterprises are at a higher risk of losing out on sales with the simple touch of a screen by a John Doe behind a display. Considering how many people are acquainted with the internet, says it is of crucial importance that a firm keeps track of all negative feedback that will impact future transactions.

While a few companies may deserve the critical reviews, others simply fall prey to harsh comments due to rare misdemeanors by employees. According to Kevin Rowe, a Forbes’ author, some of these complications may arise from not having enough stock after signing a deal with a buyer or miscommunication with a sales person who is having a stressful day. No matter the reason, a dissatisfied customer who publicly denounces a company’s promises online has a trigger effect that will cause a meltdown in the returns of the business. According to Kevin Rowe’s Forbes article, approximately 86 percent of clients who read negative reviews change their mind about going on with the transaction. The study which was done by Dimensional Research matched a similar report by Fleishman-Hillard. Hillard states that 89 percent of customers evaluate Google’s search result about a product before spending money.

To manage online reputation, brands and individuals invest in online reputation management agencies which keep track of all the information regarding them online. If a person’s negative past from ten years ago resurfaces online, it might cause catastrophic results on a job and relationships. These agencies help firms readjust their appearance to the public in a bid to save their crashing sales. According to the chief insights officer of Forbes, an online reputation is the corner stone of today’ business.