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Managing a successful eCommerce website requires a thorough understanding of your audience and how to appeal to them while promoting products and services. In order to improve the performance of an eCommerce platform, integration of sentient AI has become more popular than ever. Using sentient AI to enhance eCommerce customer experience is one way to keep shoppers coming back for more while also building brand loyalty.

What Does Sentient AI Offer?

Sentient AI is growing more intelligent each day with abilities ranging from saving customer’s shopping preferences to sending updates and personalized messages to consumers. Using sentient AI is beneficial for those managing eCommerce platforms as it helps to automate the process of enhancing a customer’s experience while browsing your website and shopping for goods.

Ways to Improve a Customer’s ECommerce Experience Using Sentient AI

Using sentient AI to improve eCommerce customer experience is possible by utilizing the AI to share related and recommended products while also personalizing a user’s shopping experience with customized messages, promotions, and even discounts. Sentient AI takes the guesswork out of manually selecting products to promote and instead calculate’s results based on data input it has already received from current or new customers.

With sentient AI, enhancing a user’s overall customer experience with your eCommerce platform has become simplified. Rather than manually editing related or recommended products, allow data and sentient AI to do the work. With sentient AI running smoothly on your eCommerce platform, reach a wider audience and spend less time manually appealing to each user (ultimately providing more time to focus on growing your eCommerce store in other areas).

Sentient AI has the ability to immediately collect, organize, and store data that has been provided to you by user signups, subscriptions, and purchases that have been completed. Put sentient AI to work by implementing it within email marketing campaigns for users who have abandoned shopping carts or for those who have made purchases in the past but have yet to revisit your website in a set amount of time.

With the right integration, sentient AI and eCommerce platforms are able to quickly outshine competition while allowing you to make a name for your business and the brand you represent. Taking advantage of what sentient AI has to offer is a way to truly automate your customer’s shopping experience without feeling as though you are unable to communicate with individuals or understand their needs. Follow Sentient’s profile on Crunchbase.