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Lori Senecal took up the role of Chief Executive Officer at CP + B Global in 2015. Initially, she worked at Partners Network in a similar position. She has helped CP +B to become a global agency that is highly flexible. The company has grown tremendously under Lori’s leadership. Some of the remarkable achievements include landing American Airlines in 2015 snuggling the account from TM. Chuck Porter who is the chairman and co-founder of CP+ B says that since the structures are in place, he is working with Lori to develop the next generation of leaders with carefully thought decisions about the leadership of the organization and smooth transition of power when Lori retires at the end of 2017.

Porter reports on Adweek that each of the ten offices of the organization are led by entrepreneurs that are passionate about building the company in their markets across the world. Elevating regional leaders allows the company to share resources across each office in the different regions seamlessly. According to Adweek, this is a good and natural step towards uncovering and solving the toughest business challenges in a bold and initiative manner.

Lori Senecal has a robust personality and remarkable marketing and advertising knowledge. She is the youngest girl in a family of four girls, and for this reason, she received a lot of attention from her parents and siblings. Lori is a graduate of MCGill University. She is also fluent in French.

Lori Senecal spearheaded Innovative Advertising Technology, and she specializes in inventive technology solutions which can solve business challenges. She also served as the president of the New York office of McCann Erickson where she helped brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola to develop great and successful advertising campaigns.

Lori is known by many for not staying in her comfort zone and this seems to be one of the many reasons for her successful career. She is also known for creative talent, unique style, and her persistent capability to concentrate on a challenge. Her work ethic at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal resulted in the growth of the company. Lori’s input has also been seen in the advertising campaigns of market giants like Victoria Secret Pink and BMW.